By Steve Wall

As most hunting seasons are coming to a close and winter archery leagues are beginning, the same question pops into my mind every year.  Do I get a new bow, do I update my existing bow or do I leave everything the way that it is?  Bow manufacturers come out with new and improved bows almost every year making this decision even more difficult.  It is almost in our nature to want the newest and best equipment.  There are many different factors to consider when deciding whether or not to upgrade your equipment.  Hopefully I can help you sort through these factors and decide if it is time for some new gear.

Obviously one of the biggest factors in deciding if you should get new equipment or not is money.  Don’t have money set aside already for new equipment? Don’t worry, you have options.  Hopefully you are thinking about new equipment right after hunting season has ended.  You have plenty of time to start putting some money aside and save up for the purchase.  Or perhaps you can sweet talk your significant other into using part of your tax refund for some new bow hunting equipment.  Another option is selling some of your old equipment.  There are many avenues available these days for selling your old equipment.  Talk to your local dealer and see if they will sell your old bow on consignment.  Craigslist and Ebay are other great places to sell your old equipment as well. 

Many of the top-line bows in today’s market only change slightly from year to year.  One of the easiest ways to feel like you have a new bow is to just update your sight or rest.  Bow sights and rests are improving every year as well and are a cheaper way of giving yourself the feel of a new bow.  Changing your sight or rest may be all you need to give yourself added confidence going into next year.  Other accessories like stabilizers, string dampener, peep sights and other products like Steady Form can give your bow a whole new feel.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you what you should or shouldn’t buy.  The best way to make decisions about new equipment is doing research and actually putting your hands on the product.

Here are some links to some of the bow manufacturers: (This is by no means a complete list!)









Here are some links to some accessory companies: (Again, by no means a complete list!)

Trophy Ridge

Spot Hogg

IQ Bowsights



QAD- Quality Archery Designs


NAP- New Archery Products


Steady Form

Hopefully these lists will help you get started if you are looking at getting a new bow or new equipment for your bow this year!  Looking for reviews or opinions on some of these products?  Bowhunting .com and are great websites with lots of information about various products.  If I can help out in any way feel free to send me an email at:!

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