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By Steve Wall

How did you start the company?

I have been hunting for nearly 40 years & sat in a tree a many a day !! I have just like a lot of other hunters dropped things while in a tree stand.  We started the business in May 2014 after getting a US Patent for my invention.  The Huntin Hook is a nickel plated barbless weighted hook painted safety yellow so you can see when dropped to the ground. It’s US patented design is to topple over on your item.  It comes with 25 ft of microcord with a breaking point of 80 lbs.  Also, a carabineer to secure to stand and a lightweight polyethylene foam impervious to rot, mildew and bacteria to roll the microcord on.  It’s a small light weight hunting tool that fits in any pack!  My wife runs the company Jakes Huntin Hook LLC, our son helps in making, painting, melting the lead, packaging and shipping . We are a small family owned business and are proud to say that we are made In the USA!!

hook Continue reading “Company Spotlight: Jakes Huntin Hook”

By Steve Wall

As most of you know I started this blog to begin my journey of working in the outdoor industry.  Here is my very first post that may give you a little more background: Chasing my Dream.  This blog was just my first step in my pursuit of working in the outdoor industry full-time.  Over the last few months I have taken time to think about what is really important to me.  I came to a realization that I have more than just a love for the outdoors.  I have a deep passion for the outdoors and realized I will not be completely happy if I don’t act upon this passion.

I am beyond excited to announce that I have accepted a full-time position at a local sporting goods store.  This position allows me to work in an industry that I am passionate about and share that passion in the work I do!  This is a very big change for me and my family.  I am leaving a well-paying position with a great company that has given me invaluable experiences.  I know that these experiences will only help me as I advance in my career.  My wife and family have been very supportive of my dreams and decision to pursue a career in the outdoor industry.   There will be many challenges ahead, especially as we deal with a reduction in our income. However, we feel that we can work through these challenges and that we will come out a stronger family!family Continue reading “Pursuing my Dream Part 1”

By Steve Wall

As I have said before, some of my best memories as a child were hunting and fishing adventures with my dad.  I am very thankful that I was raised in a family that enjoyed the outdoors.  As I look back, one of my favorite memories is one of my dads camo shirts that I would wear when I went hunting with him.  When I started hunting with him the shirt was dragging on the ground, I wore this shirt until I eventually outgrew it!  So many lessons can be learned from spending time in the outdoors hunting, fishing and camping.  As my wife and I raise our two children, I look forward to teaching them about the outdoors and all that it has to offer.  This year I was able to start sharing some of these experiences with my kids! Continue reading “Kids and the Outdoors”

By Steve Wall

Growing up in Southwest Wisconsin, not much thought was given to hunting black bears.  Granted there are a few bears roaming around in that part of the state, but where would we hunt?  How would we bait?  After moving to Green Bay in 2005 and meeting more people who had actually hunted black bears in Wisconsin, I told my dad we should start applying for tags.  Considering the logistics of where to hunt and how we would bait, we both said this would be a one-time hunt for us.

After checking the draw results from 2013 on the Wisconsin DNR website, I told my dad I thought we both would have enough preference points to draw a tag in Bear Management Unit A.  Now I had to start working on finding us a place to hunt.  From my conversations with other bear hunters, I knew how difficult, costly and time-consuming it would be to bait multiple sites for my dad and me.  I started doing some research on the computer and came across Snowbelt Custom Outfitters in Iron Belt, Wisconsin.  logoAfter checking out their website and Facebook page, I contacted John to check rates and see if they had any openings.  A few email exchanges later, our deposits were sent in and our hunt was booked.  Lets just say that the rates were very reasonable!  I also learned that they are affiliated with Outfitters 4 Patriots, a non-profit organization that gives wounded or injured veterans and disabled children, hunting and fishing opportunities.  I was happy to hear that part of our payment would go to help this great organization. Outfitter 4 Patriots

John and his partner Jim took care of all the baiting and setting up stands.  As if we needed any more reason to be excited, they sent us trail camera pictures of some big bears coming into the baits! Continue reading “Father and Son: Our first Black Bears”