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By Steve Wall

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Chasing my Dream

Pursuing my Dream Part 1

As I said in Pursing my Dream Part 1, I plan on using this series to keep you updated on changes as I pursue my dream of working in the outdoor industry.  Back in February I made a very big step in that pursuit by accepting a position with a large sporting goods retailer.  This was an overnight position in the back-end receiving area.  This position allowed me to handle and numerous hunting a fishing products that I love to use myself.  I loved every minute!

As of 5 o’clock this morning, I have left this position to pursue a position that will be a better fit for me and my family at this time.  I have accepted a position (not within the outdoor industry)  that will allow me to work a similar schedule as my wife and will be much better suited for our young family!  This position will allow me to spend valuable time in the evening and on the weekends with my family without feeling tired from very little sleep.  I am willing to admit that this was not working for my family and a change was needed. Even though I am making this change, I do not regret my decision to leave my previous job and take an overnight job.  This was a decision I felt was the right one to make at the time and I still believe this.  Although it was a physical labor job, it provided my with many invaluable experiences that will help me throughout my career! This change does not at all affect my passion for the outdoors, if anything it is making it stronger!

Don’t worry, Wisconsin Outdoor Pursuits is not going anywhere!!! I would first like to thank each and every one of you who has followed me though this amazing experience.  Wisconsin Outdoor Pursuits is growing and reaching places far beyond my home state of Wisconsin.  I truly enjoy interacting with everyone though various social media channels and by email.  I will provide links to these at the bottom of this post!  I am hoping that this career change will also allow for more time to provide you with even more great content.  I am starting to expand into using more videos in the blogs and will hopefully be able to bring you a couple of archery hunts on video this fall!  This expansion into the video world has allowed me to build upon my video editing knowledge!  I hope to continue building upon this knowledge as I put together videos both for myself and others!

Starting Wisconsin Outdoor Pursuits has allowed me to meet and connect with some great people and companies in the outdoor industry!  Many of these connections have turned into great personal relationships.  These connections have allowed me to share with you some great companies through the Company Spotlight segment.  This has been a very popular segment and more Spotlights are coming soon!  Being able to share my passion for the outdoors and the passion of others gives me great satisfaction! 

I also would like your feedback on what you would like to see on the Wisconsin Outdoor Pursuits page.  I want you to be a part of this growth!  Would you like to see guest posts? Select advertising/sponsors? T-shirts/ hats/ decals? Send me your feedback through any of the social media channels below!

Thank you again for following along on this amazing journey and stay tuned for many great things to come!

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By Steve Wall

Let me introduce you to the world of canning wild game! Are you looking for a new way to process your wild game?  Are you ever in search of a quick easy meal that can be put together in 5 minutes?   While I was growing up, my dad would process his own deer as I am sure many of you do as well.  During this time he introduced me to canned deer meat.  Once the process is finished, canned meat can be a very quick and tasty meal.  I will walk you though the steps to canning wild game and have also put together a video of the process.


 Canning wild game

  1. directions for Canning wild game

  2. Cut up meat into approximately 1″ cubed size pieces.
  3. Wash jars.
  4. Place new lids into saucepan with water and simmer.
  5. Fill jars with meat, making sure to remove as many air pockets as possible (with spatula or knife).
  6. Add 1/4 of a sliced onion and 1/2 of a beef bouillon cube. (No need to add liquid)Filling jars 
  7. Continue filling jars until you have enough for 1 batch or until meat is gone. (Canner does not need to be at full capacity)
  8. Add 2 quarts of water to pressure canner.
  9. Wipe off jar rims with towel.
  10. Remove lids from water, place on jars and screw on cap.
  11. Place jars in pressure canner. (It is ok if they are touching)
  12. Place lid on pressure canner and turn heat on high.
  13. Watch for steam to come out of center vent tube. ( Allow it to steam for a few minutes)
  14. Place 15 psi pressure control on top of vent tube. Pressure control
  15. Watch for red pressure indicator to go up and pressure control to jiggle vigorously.
  16. Reduce Heat so that pressure control jiggles gently. (Adjust heat as needed throughout process)
  17. Once pressure is controlled, start time for 1 hour.
  18. Turn off heat and watch for red pressure indicator to go down. (Do not try to speed up the process, let it cool down on its own.
  19. Remove lid.  Remove jars from canner and place on towel.
  20. A popping sound will indicate a proper seal.
  21. After cooling, press top of each lid to check that they are all sealed. (If you any of the jars did not seal they are ok to eat, but need to be used right away.)

removing jars

A couple of recipe ideas:

  • Heat and mix in your favorite BBQ sauce and have on sandwiches.
  • Head and mix with cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soup.  Have over noodles, bread or mashed potatoes.
  • Mix with taco seasoning for shredded wild game tacos.

If you have had canned venison any other ways let me know and I will add them here!

Here is a copy of the instructions (Click on instructions to open in separate window to print or click link below to download.)

kids with buck

By Steve Wall

One of the greatest satisfactions of harvesting an animal is knowing that you are providing food for your family!! (Or others in need if you decide to donate the meat!)  My family and I truly enjoy eating venison.  You just can’t beat venison backstraps grilled to perfection!  Not only do we enjoy the taste of venison, but it is very healthy as well.  Stay tuned for future posts where I will share with you some of our favorite recipes and also a lesson in canning wild game!

I recently received an email from Marin at Good Game Hunting after he took a look at the Wisconsin Outdoor Pursuits site.  He shared with me an info-graphic that he put together showing the benefits of eating venison vs. beef.  I thought this was great and I wanted to share it with you guys!

You can read the full article by Good Game Hunting by following this link: 27 Reasons to Harvest & Eat Venison




By Steve Wall

How did you start the company?

The company started because we wanted to continue to help fellow hunters.  We initially came up with the idea for the product several years ago and have since used various prototypes on every harvest. However, in the last 18 months after multiple meetings which gradually became more formal, the idea to bring the product to market and share it with other hunters was realized. Eventually we came up with the name Game Pegs and over the last 12 months have been working effortlessly with various manufacturers to get the finished product down to a price that we hope will make it accessible for all hunters. Now with a completed, manufacturing ready, product we decided that the best way to get the tool out to the most hunters by the 2015 deer season would be through a kickstarter campaign. For any of your readers who are not familiar with kickstarter I encourage them to go and check out This platform is a great way for smaller start-up companies like ourselves to get innovative products out to the hunting world without all the red tape of going through a major distributor/retailer. We plan to launch the campaign on April 20th (to coincide with the start of Turkey season in Canada) with door crasher specials for the first customers.


How long have you been in business?


Game Pegs has been in development for approximately 3 years but we have really only been working on our branding through our association with for the last 12 months. Furthermore the vision for our future development is continuing to be shaped through our parent company, Upper Canada Hunting. UCH was established just this year, and is very excited to be working toward bringing a number of products to retail stores in the next couple years.  We cannot talk about them at this time, as they are still in their early stages, but we can assure you, they will make your life in the woods considerably better.

game peg

What do you enjoy most about what you do?


What we enjoy most about this is knowing that the time we spend in the woods is going to help make a difference for other hunters.  Every time set foot in the woods there is opportunity for research and development.  Every accessory we develop is intended to help us become more successful hunters, and we enjoy sharing our research, knowledge and expertise with the hunting community.  As previously mentioned we are working on our branding and development through our association with The Hunt Blog, and our mission remains the same, ‘to preserve the traditions of our past for future generations of hunters’.


What are your most popular products?


Game Pegs is the premiere product but keep a close eye at and for all of our upcoming innovations.

Who is your target audience?


Our targeted audience with this product is deer hunters across North America of all experience levels. Game Pegs is a field dressing aid which allows hunters to make precise cuts safely, and effortlessly. This product is going to revolutionize how you process your deer in the field. You can view a short demo on youtube at or at  While our target audience is white tail hunters, we also have our manufacturer ready with our “Big Game Pegs” which will help field dress and quarter larger animals such as moose and elk coming fall 2016.

What is your favorite hunting or fishing memory?

Our favorite memory has to be the first time we harvested a deer together.  For two of the three of us, this was our first harvest, and for all three of us, it was our first harvest together.  It was a day of firsts, and those are few and far between these days. The track wasnt particularly difficult or memorable, but the effort and skill required to harvest a deer made an impression on us. We enjoyed working through the different cuts of meat, safely preparing it for storage, and getting it to the table. Of course this involved the best part, enjoying some fresh venison!


Game Pegs—Get your game to the table!


Contact Info:

Twitter: @gamepegs


 As we all know, the work begins after we harvest an animal!  The Game Peg will definitely be a useful tool to have in your pack to make field dressing your next animal much easier!