Cirrus Outdoors

By Steve Wall

How did you start the company?

Cirrus Outdoors was started much like any other. It started with an idea. My nephew and I used to call each other all the time and start the conversation with “I have an invention.” We would laugh and say, “What is it this time?” I told him that I had an idea that would change a category in the hunting industry and that it was one of the most overlooked categories. The Cirrus™ Wind Indicator was an idea that can truly help a hunter become successful, if the wind is wrong it doesn’t matter what camo you wear or bow you shoot. I thought if we could figure out a way to show the wind direction more effectively than powder, I was going to do that.
I worked on the concept and had a good idea of how it should work and what it should do. My partners came through another project we had been working on and they showed interest in helping engineer, patent and build the Cirrus™ Wind Indicator. We started building models with a 3D printer and custom molds.  We then took the working prototypes to ATA 2016 to get the reaction from buyers and hunters as to what the reception would be for a product like this, the response was overwhelming! We immediately went back to the drawing board and started manufacturing.
We had inventory and started selling direct to consumer in August 2016 and have been gaining distribution with dealers and retailers across the Country.



What do your customers say about your products?

“My cirrus helped me know exactly where the wind was blowing. I was able to connect on this good management buck today here in NJ on opening day of gun.” – Chad Van Orden
“I love how well this thing detects even the slightest wind!  #getcirrus” – Kevin Boyer
The wind here in Africa can change at any moment which can affect our success in a hurry. Our Cirrus Wind Indicator units are a key to keeping track of the wind changes and thermals from the blinds! Comre Safaris” – Brand Scott
You want the best indicator in the business? Look no further cirrus came out with a indicator that doesn’t only check the wind direction but in marginal wind will determine the thermals!! Cirrus Wind Indicator #windindicator #winddirection #thermalsrising” – Jason Brooks


What are your most popular products and who is your target audience?


Cirrus™ Wind Indicator Kit and the Earth Cartridge replacement packs.

All hunters need to know the wind! Golfers, K9 and Sporting dog trainers benefit from understanding wind and thermals that carry scent, HVAC techs use Cirrus to detect air flow in buildings.


What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I enjoy the customers the most. I love hearing from people who use Cirrus and it makes a difference in the way they hunt now. I have had some say they feel like they left their arrows at home if they do not have it, it becomes a tool they rely on all the time. I also love the customers we do not have yet, I like explaining how this works much better than powder, dirt, milkweed, etc…



What is your favorite hunting or fishing memory?

I have some incredible memories growing up hunting and fishing with my Dad and brother. I would say the most memorable hunting experience was watching my Dad shoot a deer in a three-piece suit. Long story but it happened. lol
My most memorable fishing experience was catching my first Blue Marlin with my wife and daughter. It was a dream come true and would not have wanted to experience it without them.


Contact Info:

Facebook: Cirrus wind indicator
Twitter:  @Cirrus_outdoors 
Instagram:  @cirrusoutdoors

If you have any questions about the Cirrus Wind Indicator please feel free to email Cirrus Outdoors President Jim Angott at

Comments from Wisconsin Outdoor Pursuits:

Want to give yourself the best opportunity to harvest the animal you are after?  One of the most important factors that needs to be consider is wind direction!  No matter how well your scent control measures are, there is still the opportunity to pick up odors that are foreign to the animal that you are pursuing.  Once I came across the Cirrus Wind Indicator from Cirrus Outdoors, I knew that I needed to share this product with you guys!  The cloud like vapor from the Cirrus Wind Indicator makes determining the wind direction and thermals easier than ever!  


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By Steve Wall

How did you start the company?

Crosswinds was started because as bow hunters we weren’t satisfied with the products in the market. The hunting soap products left the skin itchy and chafed even after only a couple of days of uses. We spent approximately 11 months researching and formulating soaps and added a line of scent masking lotions last season. We saw the need for a high quality, detergent free soap that also had moisturizing properties and masked human odors. We could not find anything available, so we developed our own. Our current soap and lotion offerings include: Black Earth, Cedar Swamp, Pine and Wind.


What do your customers say about your products?

Hunters report that they love our products. They especially love the moisturizing properties of the bar soaps. They report no longer having problems with the itching and chafing like the products they used previously.

However, our success isn’t just measured by the verbal feedback we received, but ultimately by the number of deer harvested when hunters were using our product. The last two years of offering our products, the “results” have been extremely encouraging.

At Crosswinds, we realize we aren’t the only reason for all of the success, but we are a critical piece of not getting “winded” by that big buck.

Check out our website at and the “Adventure Gallery” page for pictures and stories of the successful hunts.


What are your most popular products and who is your target audience?

Crosswinds most popular product is our Black Earth scent. Everyone seems to love this scent and it is our best seller. However, it is also a scent that can be used in multiple hunting environments, whereas the pine and cedar swamp are more specific to those locations where one hunts.




Our target audience is primarily bow hunters and individuals who want to get close to their prey. Currently, our customers are typically those that hunt whitetail deer. However, we also have many hunters who use our products that hunt wild boar, moose, elk and bear.



What do you enjoy most about what you do?

We enjoy hearing all of the stories of successful hunts using our products. It’s awesome to hear the people who use our products and the positive feedback. We realize we did the right thing and are making products that people really love and are helpful to hunters. It’s also great meeting the wonderful people we’ve met the last few years that want to help our small fledgling company. We’ve met some really great, great people who have helped us get to where we are at today. People in the hunting industry are generally awesome and want to help and see you be successful.




What is your favorite hunting or fishing memory?

All of them! I don’t do much fishing, but there are many memories from bow hunting and gun/deer hunting with family & friends in Wisconsin. All of them are priceless and important, but especially those trips to the “hunting camp” with my father and brothers to the “hunting camp” in Northern Wisconsin. My father is now 84 years old and no longer hunts so those are experiences and memories that I will cherish forever.



Contact Info:

Facebook:   Crosswinds brand
Twitter:  @crosswindsbrand



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Buffalo County Outfitters Logo

By: Steve Wall

How did you start your outfitting business?

I bought Buffalo County Outfitters back in June of 2014 from good friend Scott Kirkpatrick.  I had been hunting with Scott at BCO for four years and had said if the opportunity ever came up that I would be interested in buying and running BCO.  The opportunity came up so I ended up buying BCO and now am doing what I love and have such a passion for, for a living.

Where do you guide and for what species?

I guide in famous Buffalo County in Wisconsin. Buffalo County Outfitters does guided hunts for trophy whitetails and spring turkeys.


What is the availability / cost of a license?

Fortunately Wisconsin tags are over the counter for whitetails so availability is always there for both resident and non-resident to get a tag every year if they want.  Cost of a non-resident whitetail tag is approximately $160 and a resident whitetail tag is $24.00.  If you are a first time hunter in Wisconsin, your out-of-state tag is half price the first year. 

What does the trip all include?

My hunts at Buffalo County Outfitters are all-inclusive.  The hunt includes lodging, showers and towels, all food, transportation to and from stands, and five days of hunting.  The hunt is five days and runs Monday through Friday.  Hunters arrive on Sunday before the hunt and leave Saturday morning after the hunt.



What type of gear / clothing do you recommend bringing?

I always tell hunters to just bring their regular hunting clothing that they personally have.  We specialize in bowhunts and the weather usually isn’t to cold yet but I always tell guys to have enough clothes along in late October and the early November hunts in case we get a cold spell.  I highly recommend that hunters have a good pair of binoculars and a good range finder to make sure to bring along.  All my hunters have to have a TMA certified safety harness to be able to hunt from tree stands, so that is an absolute must to have along. 

Gear List

What do your clients say about you?

I take pride in what I do and take my job as an outfitter very serious.  I know every client will not shoot a buck but I try as hard as I can for every client to have a good hunt.  I’ve been told my many clients that they see my passion and desire for guys to get a deer and get many compliments about that.  I get compliments from many hunters about my honesty when talking to them before they book.  In general, I get a lot of compliments from hunters about the hard work I do before, during, and after the season and especially while they are here.



What do you enjoy most about outfitting?

Couple answers to that.  Obviously as an outfitter, I enjoy it when I have a successful hunter.  I can’t wait to get the call or text from a client telling me they just shot a buck.  Every time I get that call or text it feels like I shot the deer myself I’m so excited.  I love watching and sharing the excitement in a successful hunters hunt.   I love the challenge that deer give us, which leads to the scouting and running cameras which I love!  But in general……I love all the people I meet and get to share camp with and see year after year.  I look forward to seeing new and old friends each fall and doing everything I can to get them on big deer.

What is your favorite hunting / fishing memory?

My personal favorite memory is the first buck that I shot when I was 15.  It was a nine pointer with a 18.5 inch spread and weighed 190 pounds.  That deer hooked me on big bucks right from the get go.  As an outfitter, my favorite memory would probably have to be the very first buck that one of my clients shot my first year with the business.  He shot it the very first night of season.  I was shaking and more excited with that deer than with any of the deer I’ve shot.  It was a 144 inch buck.  It wasn’t the biggest buck we got that year but it was the first one we got when I was the owner of the business and was very rewarding for both the hunter and myself.  Having two hunting seasons under my belt as an outfitter now, I’ve gained so many more memories.  It’s been awesome to say the least. 


Contact Info:

Facebook:  Buffalo County Outfitters



By Steve Wall

scouting Whitetail deer tips from Wisconsin Outdoor Pursuits


You want to improve your odds of harvesting a deer this year, right?  One of the best things that you can do to improve your odds of harvesting a deer is to scout.  When should you start scouting?  A month before the season?  2 months before the season?  During the winter?  During the season?  While sitting on your couch?  My answer, all of the above!  Scouting whitetail deer should be a year-round process if you want to maximize your odds of harvesting an animal!

Phase 1: Digital Scouting

What is digital scouting?  Digital scouting is the work that you are able to do from the comfort of your home.  Digital scouting is using your GPS, computer and various programs to survey your hunting area.  Aerial photo’s can be found on websites like Google Maps and Bing Maps.  These maps are great tools for zooming in on your area and locating various food sources, logging trails and changes between forest types.  Digital scouting can help you find potential new hunting areas and give you a starting place when you actually get your boots on the ground!  A website that I would highly recommend is!  Once you create a free account on ScoutLook, you are then able to save various locations on the map.  Weather data is then available based upon these pinned locations.  Mobile apps are also available that will allow you to have all this information at your fingertips in the woods.  Some of the paid apps will allow you to log deer sightings and capture real-time weather data!  I have used these features the last few years and it has provided me with some very valuable data!  Just remember, digital scouting can be a useful tool all throughout the year!


Phase 2: Early off-season Scouting

This phase begins after your hunting seasons have ended for the year.  Your most intense on the ground scouting should be done during this phase.  This phase runs anywhere from the day the season closes to when all of the new foliage starts growing in the spring.  Phase 2 is a great time to locate all of last season’s trails, scrapes, rubs and bedding areas.  This is the only time of year that I would suggest scouting bedding areas.  The deer will have plenty of time to forget that you were in their bedroom!  I say that with a disclaimer, if you push deer out of an area to many times, they may start looking for a new bedding area that feels more secure.  I enjoy scouting in early winter with just a little bit of snow, it seems to make some of the more “hidden” trails stand out a little more.  These “hidden” trails are the trails that your more mature deer are most likely to use!  This can also be a good time to put the trail camera up and see which deer may have made it through the season.  When the snow starts to get to deep, I will do most of my “Phase 1” scouting.  Late February and early March are great times to get back into the woods and do more Phase 2 scouting.  A majority of the snow is gone and most of the bucks have shed their antlers.  Who doesn’t want to find a nice shed antler and hopefully harvest that same buck the next year!

scouting whitetail deer
A rub I found while scouting whitetails earlier this winter!


Phase 3: Late off-season Scouting

Phase 3 scouting should be very low pressure!  This phase is that last month or so before the season begins.  This is the time I like to get the trail camera back out and start seeing which deer are in the area and what trails they are using.  With the season approaching you need to be careful not to be to intrusive and scare deer out of the area.  You should definitely stay out of the bedding areas!  Also, try to do most of your activity during the middle of the day when there is less deer activity.  It is also best to take as many scent control precautions as possible!  If you hunt land that you are able to leave a treestand up, now is the time to get your stand hung.  When hanging your stand, the earlier in this phase the better.  This will give the deer more time to get used to any trimming you may have done for shooting lanes.

Phase 4: In-season Scouting

Just like the phase 3 scouting, you need to be very careful with any in-season scouting!  Any major disturbances can push deer right out of the area that you are hunting.  Any in-season scouting I do during archery season is based upon my sightings from the stand or sign I notice walking to my stand.  These sightings are the best information you can receive, especially if you notice a pattern over time.  Making small adjustments to your stand location, based on your observations, may pay off big in helping you harvest a deer!  If you are going to do any in-season scouting, I would again suggest that you do it after a morning hunt during the middle of the day.  Late rifle and muzzleloader season’s can be another great time to do a little more walking around.  If you are hunting public land, be cautious of other hunters!  If you hunt private land, you may want to wait until after the season to do more walking around if you fear pushing deer onto your neighbors property.

2014 public land archery
2014 Public Land Archery buck ( Same buck as in video above!)


If you put all 4 phases of scouting whitetail deer together, I am almost positive that your odds of killing a deer will be greatly improved!  So the next time you are sitting at home on the computer with nothing to do, pull up a map and take a look at your hunting area.  You may just see something you have never noticed before!  If the weather is nice in early spring, pull on your boots and head to the woods to look for some shed antlers and do some more intense scouting!  As the season nears, finalize your stand sites and watch for recent activity!  During the season, pay close attention to all deer activity and don’t be afraid to move your stand!  I hope these tips will help as you prepare for your next whitetail adventure!  Good luck hunting!

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