By Steve Wall

How did you start the company?

I have had a bow since I was a little kid but in the rural area where we live archery resources were very limited. Years later when I started hunting the bows were heavy with cast risers and steel control cables.  I was working for a machinist and heard about a company who was making archery components for a variety of companies such as Martin, Tenpoint and more.  I applied and started working there within a couple of months. Risers were then starting to be made in CNC machines instead of molds. We were making risers, cams and many other machined archery components. They also had an extrusion line that was producing vanes. I was asked to give the extrusion line a go.


For the next 8 years I ran the extruded vanes for them, during that time we made vanes of softer materials that had great adhesion properties but lacked stiffness and tore easily.  The company was a bit resistant to change even though a need for a stiffer stronger vanes was there. The urethane I wanted to use required more specialized equipment to process.  Sometime around April of 2002 I left the company.  Wanting to stay in the area with a declining economy ( lack of logging) I teamed up with one of my last employers previous owners and we wrote up a business plan.  Shortly after we started building machinery to produce a stiffer, tougher and more consistent vane. Our process allowed us to process the urethane without any plasticizers or mold release that could affect adhesion.

What do your customers say about your products?

Without a large advertising budget it was hard to convince people of our quality so for the next few years we offered free samples to anyone who requested them. Word of mouth worked well for us.  We are not typical salesmen, the products we wanted to offer were products that we would be proud to have in our quiver.


With 12 sizes , 5 profiles and 13 colors we now have a product for any style of shooting. All made with the same size and weight consistency as the next.  Our customers expect the vanes to be quiet, durable and extremely accurate while keeping weight to a minimum. The efficiency of our process also allows us to keep our prices comparably low.

What are your most popular products and who is your target audience?

Our most popular vane changes almost every year. In the past 4-5” vanes were very popular.  With the stiffer materials now the most popular sizes typically range from 2-3”.  Everything in archery has become more accurate and streamlined to allow these smaller sizes of vanes to achieve the same or better flight than the longer heavier vanes.


We have vanes for everyone but we really enjoy feedback from the most critical archers, hardcore bowhunters to top level pros. These archers tend to pick apart every aspect of the vane and if we can meet their needs we know that every other archer will be satisfied.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I like a lot about what we do here, there is a lot of satisfaction building a product you truly believe in but I have to say our favorite thing is product testing. Our very first prototypes killed an elk before they were sent to any customers. The Urethane 3” I shot was quiet enough for a 75 yard shot on an unsuspecting animal and I was able to use the arrow, vanes included-again.


What is your favorite hunting or fishing memory?

As far as my favorite hunting and fishing memories…Very tough. That is primarily what we do.  Watching the twins shoot their first bear, or land their first salmon would be up there.  Packing a toddler to a downed bull elk and watching their expression as you approached is pretty priceless too.  We are a family run company, all of us are dedicated to archery and the outdoors. This used to be very common throughout the sport, but unfortunately less and less all the time.

Caleb 2014


Contact Info:

Website:  Vantec.com
Facebook:  Vanetec Inc.
Twitter:  @VaneTecInc



 2011 Tom

Comments from Wisconsin Outdoor Pursuits:

When looking at archery equipment, vanes can sometimes be overlooked as one of the most critical components.  Strong, durable vanes will improve your shooting consistency. If you are interested in some of the best vanes on the market be sure you check out VaneTec!


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Buffalo County Outfitters Logo

By: Steve Wall

How did you start your outfitting business?

I bought Buffalo County Outfitters back in June of 2014 from good friend Scott Kirkpatrick.  I had been hunting with Scott at BCO for four years and had said if the opportunity ever came up that I would be interested in buying and running BCO.  The opportunity came up so I ended up buying BCO and now am doing what I love and have such a passion for, for a living.

Where do you guide and for what species?

I guide in famous Buffalo County in Wisconsin. Buffalo County Outfitters does guided hunts for trophy whitetails and spring turkeys.


What is the availability / cost of a license?

Fortunately Wisconsin tags are over the counter for whitetails so availability is always there for both resident and non-resident to get a tag every year if they want.  Cost of a non-resident whitetail tag is approximately $160 and a resident whitetail tag is $24.00.  If you are a first time hunter in Wisconsin, your out-of-state tag is half price the first year. 

What does the trip all include?

My hunts at Buffalo County Outfitters are all-inclusive.  The hunt includes lodging, showers and towels, all food, transportation to and from stands, and five days of hunting.  The hunt is five days and runs Monday through Friday.  Hunters arrive on Sunday before the hunt and leave Saturday morning after the hunt.



What type of gear / clothing do you recommend bringing?

I always tell hunters to just bring their regular hunting clothing that they personally have.  We specialize in bowhunts and the weather usually isn’t to cold yet but I always tell guys to have enough clothes along in late October and the early November hunts in case we get a cold spell.  I highly recommend that hunters have a good pair of binoculars and a good range finder to make sure to bring along.  All my hunters have to have a TMA certified safety harness to be able to hunt from tree stands, so that is an absolute must to have along. 

Gear List

What do your clients say about you?

I take pride in what I do and take my job as an outfitter very serious.  I know every client will not shoot a buck but I try as hard as I can for every client to have a good hunt.  I’ve been told my many clients that they see my passion and desire for guys to get a deer and get many compliments about that.  I get compliments from many hunters about my honesty when talking to them before they book.  In general, I get a lot of compliments from hunters about the hard work I do before, during, and after the season and especially while they are here.



What do you enjoy most about outfitting?

Couple answers to that.  Obviously as an outfitter, I enjoy it when I have a successful hunter.  I can’t wait to get the call or text from a client telling me they just shot a buck.  Every time I get that call or text it feels like I shot the deer myself I’m so excited.  I love watching and sharing the excitement in a successful hunters hunt.   I love the challenge that deer give us, which leads to the scouting and running cameras which I love!  But in general……I love all the people I meet and get to share camp with and see year after year.  I look forward to seeing new and old friends each fall and doing everything I can to get them on big deer.

What is your favorite hunting / fishing memory?

My personal favorite memory is the first buck that I shot when I was 15.  It was a nine pointer with a 18.5 inch spread and weighed 190 pounds.  That deer hooked me on big bucks right from the get go.  As an outfitter, my favorite memory would probably have to be the very first buck that one of my clients shot my first year with the business.  He shot it the very first night of season.  I was shaking and more excited with that deer than with any of the deer I’ve shot.  It was a 144 inch buck.  It wasn’t the biggest buck we got that year but it was the first one we got when I was the owner of the business and was very rewarding for both the hunter and myself.  Having two hunting seasons under my belt as an outfitter now, I’ve gained so many more memories.  It’s been awesome to say the least. 


Contact Info:

Website:  http://www.buffalocountyoutfitters.com/
Facebook:  Buffalo County Outfitters



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By Steve Wall

How did you start the company?

We started by making a decal for a friend as a joke. My wife then figured out how to simplify a photo so that it could be made into a vinyl decal. I said, We should do a ‘your trophy vinyl decal’ by converting people’s trophy photos.  I reached out to a friend and asked him if he could send me a picture of his trophy from last year. We converted the photo, made a decal and sent it to him. He liked it so much we thought hmm, we may be on to something. From there we made a few more for friends and due to the positive feedback, we decided to form it into a business.

Buck Chasers


What do your customers say about your products?

They love how unique of an idea it is. They love the idea of being able to show off their trophy wherever they drive. Plus, they know their decal is one of a kind!


What are your most popular products and who is your target audience?

Our most popular product is the Custom Vinyl Decals.  We are targeting the avid hunter!

Truck decal (3)


What do you enjoy most about what you do?

The reaction people have when they see the finished product is the most enjoyable part for us.  The creative process and being able to see a photo transformed into the finished product is pretty enjoyable too.

What is your favorite hunting or fishing memory?

My favorite memory was taking my friend out deer hunting two years ago, for the first time. He saw a buck , got buck fever and never shot. From then on he has been hooked. 



Contact Info:

Website: www.mytrophyvinyl.com
Facebook: My Trophy Vinyl
 Twitter: @MyTrophyVinyl
Instagram: @mytrophyvinyl
bear with dad

Comments from Wisconsin Outdoor Pursuits:

My Trophy Vinyl is a very cool and unique idea! I love it!  I love the way that my decal turned out of my first bear with my dad in the picture with me!  If you are looking for a unique way to display a picture of your next harvest, please be sure to consider My Trophy Vinyl!


 This is a segment to showcase and share a little more information about some great companies!  If you know of a company that would be a great fit for this segment please email me at: steve@wioutdoorpursuits.com.  I hope you enjoy learning more about these great companies!


By Steve Wall

How did you start the company?

I started Mike’s Turkey Talkers through my passion and love for the outdoors and turkey hunting. I really hate the off season when we are not able to hunt and I wanted to stay in the outdoors all year long so to speak.  Little did I know a turkey hunting seminar was the final piece of the puzzle. Later on I created Mikes Turkey Talkers. At the seminar they were showing all these production strikers and potcalls and I was interested in carving them. When I left I said I can carve those and so I did.  I started carving strikers only by knife. I didn’t use power tools for the first 2 years. I started Mikes Turkey Talkers with a cell phone and a knife in a 2 bedroom apartment. Rough but I did it, I started up a Facebook page and eventually started to sell them and soon made a huge impact. Two years into call making I entered the NWTF grand nationals in Nashville.  The first time ever showing or competeting in any event and I took a 6th place medal. It’s the largest event of its kind in the world.  Since then my business has grown and I have come up with a few of my own designs of strikers.  I am now into a workshop with all the tools I need. Fully equipped, I now offer lathe/turned strikers and yes I still hand carve some.  I try to do both on every striker. I will be competing again next year at the nationals.  To date, I have carved and turned over 500 strikers. I also offer personalized strikers.  I also created a split tip striker.  I do a few hand carved spurs that I incorporate into the call as well as wild turkey leg bands. I do a few potcalls as wellI even started doing crotchet hooks for the lady’s!

What do your customers say about your products?

 “By far the best sounding striker that I have in my arsenal. The yelps and purrs are so sweet sounding I know the gobblers will not be able to resist.”


What are your most popular products?

Turkey Strikers

Who is your target audience?

My business targets turkey hunters and a few call collectors.  My business is based on a lot of repeat customers. I don’t advertise except on my Facebook page and my customers come first as I offer a 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied.  I’ve never had to refund anyone there nineteen though.


What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I enjoy the success I bring to my customers the most and it keeps me in the outdoors.  As I always say, you will never here me brag about my strikers, I just let the strikers do the talking. I have machines, but I still do a lot of my work by hand.  I hand sand, polish and burnish my strikers. I can spend anywhere from 6 to 12 hours on a striker depending on wood type and if it’s all carved or turned. It’s not money that drives this business, it’s my passion and love of turkey hunting.  My payment is getting success photos of customers using my calls to make great turkey hunting memories!

What is your favorite hunting or fishing memory?

My best hunting memories  started 5 years ago when I introduced my son Hunter into hunting deer and turkeys.  It’s not just one favorite, they are all my favorite!  To date I’ve shared 5 years of hunting with my son. He has taken five deer and 3 turkeys all in only a total of 16 hours of actual hunting, tie-in 35 years in the outdoors the last five years are the best!


Contact Info:

Facebook: Mike’s Turkey Talkers
Email: mikesturkeytalkers@yahoo.com
Phone: 1-507-312-4418



Comments from Wisconsin Outdoor Pursuits:

Spring turkey season is just around the corner! You can never have to many options when that stubborn Tom hangs up just out of range! These are some awesome looking strikers!   Head over and check out Mike’s Facebook page and contact him about getting your own striker!



 This is a segment to showcase and share a little more information about some great companies!  If you know of a company that would be a great fit for this segment please email me at: steve@wioutdoorpursuits.com.  I hope you enjoy learning more about these great companies!