By Steve Wall

How did you start the company?

 When hunting in low light conditions Karl Johnson, founder and CEO of Clearshot Archery had issues locating and seeing the peep.   The color blended into the surroundings making it more than difficult for him.  His father (who is 100% colorblind) also had the same issue, thus the focus on creating a high quality anodized aluminum peep that they both could use.  In doing so they made a peep that many now see the advantages of shooting.


What do your customers say about your products?

 The response from everyone has been great and unbelievable.  We receive a lot of feedback saying how well our products work and thank you for coming out with it.
Ryan D. Woollard, AWA Pro
“Quality, artisanship, and ingenuity. When season comes down to one shot, I dont leave it up to chance. My crew and I have been very impressed with the ClearShot products and rely on them to do exactly what they are designed for. There is no equal in the industry.”



What are your most popular products?

 Our IA Peeps for sure, but that is changing everyday with the release of new products like our quick disconnect, AR Kits and our new Olympic sight aperture.


Who is your target audience?

 We target mostly the hunter of all ages and the younger target competitor.  With the AR kit its the AR enthusiast.


What do you enjoy most about what you do?

 I enjoy talking to our customers and explaining why and what it does!

What is your favorite hunting or fishing memory?

 I’m not sure its my favorite but its what got us started.  Having a shot at a 6×6 whitetail at 20 yards and both my dad and I not able to see our peeps to take a good safe shoot.  Watching him run off is something I’ll never forget.


Contact Info: clearshot archery

Facebook: Clearshot Archery
Twitter: @ClearShotArchey


Comments from Wisconsin Outdoor Pursuits:

 Having experienced peep sight issues myself, I understand the importance good reliable peep sight.  After looking over the Clearshot Archery website, I became intrigued with the 2 tone interchangeable peep.  We all know that we usually don’t have a lot of time when taking a shot on an animal in the wild.  The ability to pick up your sight and target faster may make a huge difference come this fall.  Even though you may not change your peep that often, the ease of choosing a different color or size will allow you to experiment and find the right combination that fits you!  With that being said, I plan on placing an order very soon for an interchangeable peep and can’t wait to start shooting with it!


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