By Steve Wall

Another hunting season is in the books.  It seems like through the season my “hunting room” and truck seems to pile up and get rather messy.  The offseason is a great time to tidy up that “hunting room” and start making a checklist of what you might need for next year.  I know I usually accumulate things in my pockets and this gives me a chance to clean them out and start fresh!

hunting roomI know, it looks bad!  When my “hunting room” gets this bad I usually start with just making a path to get into the room.  Next, I’ll grab a trash can and start throwing away anything that is garbage.  I usually have extra totes and will start throwing miscellaneous hunting gear into the tote to sort out later.  Once you have room to work then you can start going through the gear.  Rubbermaid totes of various sizes are great for organizing gear.  Continue reading “Offseason: Organizing your gear”