Darton Archery

By Steve Wall

How did you start the company?

Darton Archery is one of the few archery companies today that can say they have been in the archery industry with the same ownership for 65+ years.  A very humble beginning in 1950.  In a simpler time, Darton Archery started making accessories for traditional archery.  Darton continued its growth through its early years making traditional recurve bows.  With the introduction of the compound bow, Darton Archery and Rex Darlington became one of the few companies allowed to produce the new bow; A bow with wheels on each end that would become the blue print for the modern compound bow used today.
Fast forward to 2017 and Darton is still a humble family owned company with one motivation: pushing the limits in our engineering to produce the best performing archery equipment.  Darton’s lineup includes compound bows for the youth market, for bow fishing, for women, target bows and our primary obsession, hunting bows! Darton entered the crossbow market with the same passion put into our compound bows. (History from 2015 product catalog)

What do your customers say about your products?

Our customers continually tell us we have great quality with the best customer service in the industry!


What are your most popular products and who is your target audience?


Our most popular bows are the DS-3800 & for 2017 the Maverick II.


Maverick II
Maverick II
 Our products are geared towards Bow hunters and Target Tournament Shooters equally!



Contact Info:

Website:  http://www.dartonarchery.com/
Facebook: Darton Archery
Instagram:  @dartonarchery


Comments from Wisconsin Outdoor Pursuits:

I purchased a new DS-3800 last year after shooting a competitors bow for 10 years.  I am extremely impressed with how quiet, fast and easy to shoot the bow is!  I get new comments from other archers every time I shoot!  I was also able to harvest two deer with my bow this past year.  I am also very excited to be part of the field staff team this year!



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By: Steve Wall

How did you start your outfitting business?

We started our outfitting business out of pure enjoyment for setting up other hunters on successful outings. By successful I do not mean just killing an animal. We pride ourselves in providing our hunters with the total experience from A to Z.

Where do you guide and for what species?

We guide for black bear in Wisconsin zones A,B,C and D. Our whitetail hunts are in Wisconsin, Michigan and Arkansas. Also, we offer hog hunting as a bonus with our Arkansas hunt package.

Snowbelt Hunting Shack

What is the availability / cost of a license?

Class A bear licenses are drawn on a preference point system. Deadline for applying annually is December 10. Whitetail in all 3 states we hunt offer tags purchased over the counter.

What are your success rates and what does the trip all include?

Our success rate on bear had been 100% for 4 years running until this past year. The weather during the opening week was horrible with high winds and rain and kept the wildlife movement to a minimum. In spite of the weather, our hunters did harvest some nice bears. Our whitetail hunts are very successful, with archery season being the most popular.


What type of gear / clothing do you recommend bringing?

Bear season is usually quite warm so light clothing is recommended. The weather along Lake Superior where we hunt can change fast so we tell our hunters to pack their long underwear and rain gear as well. Early September in the north means mosquitoes, so a bug head net is a must! Most of our hunters book in October thru mid November for whitetail archery hunts. We always tell the guys to watch the weather channel closely leading up to their arrival and be prepared for a mixed bag of weather. Lake Superior is very close to where we hunt and the big lake affects the area weather tremendously.

What do your clients say about you?

Our return rate of hunters that have booked with us the previous year is extremely high and that in itself tells you how we run our operation and how much fun our guys had with us.

What do you enjoy most about outfitting?

I absolutely love the scouting and setting up stands, etc. We are extremely diligent about making sure we put in the maximum amount of time and effort into set up to allow our clients a stress free enjoyable hunt. This makes for some awesome stories at our log cabin bar every evening after the hunt.

Snowbelt Crew

What is your favorite hunting / fishing memory?

Just about every one of my favorite hunting memories does not include me killing an animal. Sitting with my daughter when she killed her first deer is #1. Also, there has been many great memories that involve friends, family, a campfire or the warm wood stove in the cabin after a long cold days hunt and the camaraderie associated with that.

Contact Info:

Website: snowbeltcustomoutfitters.com
Facebook: Snowbelt Custom Outfitters



Steve Bear

My dad and I have personally hunted with Snowbelt Custom Outfitters and we can’t wait to go back!!