By Steve Wall

How did you start the company?

My brother Kurt and I get together a few times during deer season to get out and enjoy the outdoors together, ” he is not a big hunter ” but its not always about the hunt as it is about quality time. While after a few hours of watching the deer move below us and out of range we moved locations and set up on hill watching over the bottom where the deer had been passing through. Well after a few hours of constantly sliding down the hill and the switching sides to keep my legs from falling asleep we starting pondering a solution to hunting on hillsides. That evening on the way home we began to talk about ideas and concepts that may possibly work. Myself having a metal working background we went straight to hardware store the next day and bought materials to try and build the idea that we had created in our minds. After countless hours in my garage and a few prototypes we had developed what we think is the comfortable solution to ground hunting, the Hilljacked.  After the trial and error stage I finally showed longtime friend and hunting partner Kevin Bond our idea to get his thoughts and insight. He was just as excited as we were about the product and was happy to jump on board.

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