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By Steve Wall

How did you start the company?

I started the company because of all the crooked trees in SW Minnesota. I bought 2 new stands when I started bow hunting at age 36. I had a difficult time hanging them level.  I started to think day and night on how to make a better treestand to hunt comfortably from in crooked trees. Over time I came up with a stand that levels in the crooked trees. This stand was called the Buckfinder.

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What do your customers say about your products?

Our customers are wonderful! We have nothing but great feedback from them.  Our biggest complaint is we don’t have enough of them (Treestands)! A lot of people say, “the seat is more comfortable than I thought it would be!”  “Love the roomy platform on the Big Bruiser!” It’s a wonderful feeling to have happy customers and that’s our goal at Twisted Timber!




What are your most popular products?

Our most popular product is the Big Bruiser. We have two new products coming that our customers are patiently waiting for. First is the 10 1/4lbs Dominator, with a 30″ wide platform. This all aluminum stand is sure to be a great hit with its roomy size. Our T3, triple axis leveling technology, allows this stand to be hung level in any tree. Allowing you to hunt where you need to!  Second is the Twisted ladder. A new patent pending ladder system that will make going up and down trees less stressful and safer! This ladder system comes in 5 foot sections. These sections connect together on a pivoting ball,  allowing the Ladder to twist and turn conforming to the tree for a rock solid climbing aid!!



Who is your target audience?

Our target audience is anybody who wants to make their hunting experience the best it can be!  Would love to get our products in the hands of the Outfitting businesses. I believe that the client’s would really appreciate the safety and professionalism that our products offer. With the ease of the climbing up and down and sitting in a LEVEL and sturdy Treestand. With more women and kids hunting, I believe that our products would really make their hunting experience safer and more enjoyable!

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What do you enjoy most about what you do?

What I enjoy most about what we do is making the hunting experience the best it can be for the people heading into the woods!

What is your favorite hunting or fishing memory?

My favorite hunting memory? Many, there are so many different things I’ve seen in the great outdoors that I would never experience if I didn’t hunt!  Get a Twisted Timber Treestand and start your memories!!

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Contact Info:

Facebook: Twisted Timber Treestands
Twitter: @TwistedTimberT3
Instagram: @twistedtimbertreestands


Comments from Wisconsin Outdoor Pursuits:

Have you ever found a really good deer trail that you would love to set up on but there were no good trees to hang a stand in?  I know I have.  I hunt mostly public land and would love to be able to hang a stand where no one else would even think it would be possible.  Hunting these types of areas on public land are going to help you be more successful.  I will definitely be looking into picking up a Twisted Timber Treestand (or 2) to help me be more successful in 2016.  The Dominator sounds like a really great stand for packing in and out of the woods on my public land hunts!!


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