drakes adventures

By Steve Wall

How did you start Drakes adventures?

I read to my children every night and when I was traveling to hunt year round back in the Double Bull hay days, they would ask me to tell them stories of my hunts, so I would grab the magic highlights and tell them in a way that sparked their interest.  The more questions they asked the more pumped I was that they were taking an interest in the outdoor community.  During these travels I came home and was reading a sound book to my boy (he was four at the time) and it dawned on me that how cool would it be to tell children realistic sound induced hunting and fishing stories.  So I went to Wilbur and got his blessing to pursue this venture.  For the past four years, my partner; Steve Karras and I have busted tail making sure to present the traditions and honors of our great sports to our little followerssome day they will lead their own trail.



How long have you been in business?

Drake’s Adventures just launched in Jan 2015.  We just finished approving our second book “Trick or Treat”.  It will be introduced in July of this year.  The third will follow in Octa great duck hunt that has Drake’s little sister “Cricket” joining their pursuits.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Getting the opportunity to truly make a difference in our hunting community.  I had a great father and two brothers that always took me hunting.  The honor and traditions they passed on to me is what I want to bestow on our kids.  Seeing a kid smile because he just pushed the Turkey Gobbling button in the story is un-matched.  When I grew up we had a simple farm noise toy, you pointed an arrow at the cow and it said moooo.Steve and I are bringing that into the next generation with a truly interactive way of introducing children to the beautiful outdoor arena.  We want children involved and we want to get them pointed in the right direction.


 What are your most popular products?

Spring Thunder is our first book, it is the only current one on the market.  It is gaining ground at a fast clip.  We just launched in January so I am very excited to see how all the seasons, all the different critters, play out.


Who is your target audience?

The series is really designed for children pre-7. There are great programs like; Jakes, Greenwings, NASP, YSSF, etc that really help to get kids participating in our sports. My goal is to get them asking their parents to get them into these programs. Our overall involvement numbers of hunters is getting older and smaller each day. We are losing our children to this high speed world. No reason to fight their immediate need for stimuli, lets just give it to them in a way that keeps our great sports alive.

Blake Turkey

What is your favorite hunting or fishing memory?

Out of all my hunts I would say that the first turkey hunt I took my son Blake on.  He was four and would barely sit still when this giant gobbler worked his way down this ridge towards our decoys.  Ever time I called he gobbled.  As I reached for my bow my son would whisper to me “get him daddy, shoot him”.  As the bird worked his magic in the sunset, I started to draw and my hand was shaking, my son asked me “daddy are your scared?”.  I was so nervous to make sure I clobbered this gobbler standing there in all his glory not 10 yards away from the front of the blind.  When the bird ran and folded up Blake yelled “We got him, we got the big gobbler”.  My eyes get wet just typing this.


Watch the video of this hunt below!


Contact Info:

Website: drakesadventures.com
Facebook: Drake’s Adventures
Twitter: @drakesadventure


Drake’s adventures is going to change the way that we introduce our younger generations to the outdoors!!  A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet Keith Beam at the Wisconsin Deer and Turkey Expo in Madison, Wisconsin.  I talked to Keith for a short while and he showed me the video above that led to creating the books.  The excitement in Keith’s eyes and voice as he shared these experiences with me was very powerful!  With two young children myself, introducing the outdoors to our younger generations is something I am very passionate about!  Drake’s Adventures is a great way to introduce the sights and sounds of the outdoors to our children at a very young age in a fun and exciting way!  If you have children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, I would highly recommend looking into Drake’s Adventures. 


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