Be the Tree

By Steve Wall

How did you start the company?

Be the Tree came about in 2014 after I had begun experimenting with different natural scents. Some friends had made comments that I should make a common scent to use in all hunting scenarios. After we had a few final scent formulas, we started testing. I would not allow this product to be just another gimmick to make money. After extensive behavioral testing with excellent results, we had decided to do first person single subject testing. Basically putting a hunter into a real life scenario. The results ended with multiple deer going about their everyday rigors without any intentions of us being thereat as close as 5 feet for several minutes. Thus Be The Tree llc. was born.

What do your customers say about your products?

As any hunter knows, new products are always looked at with a dash of skepticism. When the real magic happens, is when our customers get the products in their hands for the first time. They immediately understand by smelling it that this will be their secret weapon. From then on they vow their lifelong loyalty to our product. They finally feel a comfort knowing that a wind direction isn’t an issue.

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What are your most popular products and who is your target audience?

 Our most popular products are our Cover Scent Field Spray and Refill, Shower gel, rechargeable Scent wafers and Lotion.

Our targeted focus is to any outdoor enthusiast. Man, woman or child, whether they hunt, fish camp or just love watching wildlife, we want to reach out to them all.


What do you enjoy most about what you do?

The biggest joy of all of this to me is the mass outpouring of people who our product has helped to make a memory, from the beginner shooting their first game animal or the advanced hunter securing that trophy of a lifetime. 

What is your favorite hunting or fishing memory?

My favorite memory would be when I was 12 years old and was able to shoot my first deer with a rifle my father had used to hunt before it was passed on to me.

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Contact Info:

Facebook: Be the Tree
 Twitter: @bethetreellc

Comments from Wisconsin Outdoor Pursuits:

Scent control and scent elimination is one of the most important factors that we can try to control in our pursuit for wild animals.  Anything that we can do to put the odds in our favor is definitely worth it!  Make sure you head over and check out the full product line from Be The Tree!


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