By Steve Wall

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How did you start the company?

 Scent Kapture started as a conversation at our family Christmas about 2 years ago.  My two brothers and I were telling stories about pheasant hunting in below freezing temperatures in Iowa and days in our 12 foot Loweline boat fishing for crappies with our Dad.  We started brainstorming business ideas about our passion to hunt and fish.  I have been in the liquids business in the professional beauty industry for 15 years and started researching new technology in scent elimination liquids.  We found a proprietary blend of ingredients that encapsulates and eliminates odors on contact and began testing formulas right away.  We have now refined the formulas after feedback from friends and professionals in the field.  Our formulas were all professionally formulated from scratch – with the hunter in mind. went live June 1, 2015.


What do your customers say about your products?

 We hear that the products eliminate odors that we did not even test on.  One customer was about to go purchase brand new boots because his 8+ year old hunting boots had a nasty odor to them.  He began treating them with Scent Kapture Field Spray and within days the odor was gone.  Also customers say that we are the ‘first scent eliminator without its own fragrance in the bottle.  We worked very hard to make sure our formulas remain as scent free as possible. We also received a story back about a guy that smoked a cigar in his truck the night before hunting and opened the door the next morning to the ‘worst cigar smell ever.’  He treated the carpets of the truck immediately and within minutes the cigar smell was eliminated!

What are your most popular products?

Scent Kapture Field Spray, Hair and Body Wash, Laundry Detergent, and After the Hunt Hand Scrub.  After the Hunt Super Charged Hand Scrub is a product that I have had in my mind since I was 10 years old.  I was always struggling to get the fish smell off of my hands after a long day of bass fishing in farm ponds in Iowa.  I knew there must be a product out there to eliminate that smell but I never found it so I made it!  It is unique in the fact that it will remove the worst grime from your hands as well as smells from skinning wild game or catching fish all day.


Who is your target audience?

All of the hardworking hunters and outdoorsman of North America.  Of course the bow hunters are our passion, but many other hunters and outdoorsman will find use for our scent eliminating system.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

 We live for the stories we hear about our products helping someone get closer to a memory that lasts a lifetime – that once in a lifetime deer, elk, bear, etc.


What is your favorite hunting or fishing memory?

 It is very tough to not tell the story of my first bow whitetail kill, but this story is the one that really got me hooked on hunting and the great outdoors…

So I would have to say that my most memorable hunting memory was when I was 12 years old.  My dad, his best friend Marcus, my two brothers and myself were hitting one of our rooster pheasant ‘honey holes’ in southwest Iowa.  I had been walking along and shooting at pheasants in Iowa since I was 8 years old.  This day was different – Dolly – our female britney spaniel went on point just over the crest of a hill that no one else could see.  I immediately rushed over to flush the bird as I have many times with brothers and dad in the wings – but this time it was just Dolly and I.  I crept up to where Dolly was locked on point until the rooster pheasant came busting out of the tall grass – I shouldered my Remington 1100 – 20 gauge – took aim – and in one shot – dropped him!  Dolly right on his tail made the perfect retrieve to me this time (instead of Marcus).  Everyone heard the shot and came into sight and the celebration began!  My first solo rooster pheasant.

My favorite fishing memory would have to be the trips that we took with my late father in the Gulf of Mexico.  My two brothers, my dad, and myself would become Larry (professional fisherman for 30 years) crew for 4 days.  We would spend 3 nights in the Gulf of Mexico catching and eating all kinds of fish.  We would catch 80+ lb amber jack, 125 lb Warsaw Grouper, Barracuda, Tuna, you name it.  We caught 32 species one year alone!  It was valuable time together with our Dad doing what we loved in the great outdoors.


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Comments from Wisconsin Outdoor Pursuits:

 As a bowhunter, I definitely know the importance of being as scent free in the woods as possible.  I do everything possible to give myself the best opportunity to get close to the animal I am hunting.  I really liked the “Simple Steps” page on the Scent Kapture website that detailed different steps that you can take to ensure you are as scent free as possible!  If you are vigilant about reducing your scent in the woods, I can almost guarantee that you will see more deer and have more shot opportunities. 


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By Steve Wall

Growing up my dad and I would always talk about making a trip “out West” to hunt elk.  My dad would share stories about previous hunts he had been on and with each story my excitement and desire to hunt the Western states was growing!  Although it wasn’t an actual hunting story, my dads mule riding experience on one of his trips is by far my favorite and has me almost crying every time I think about it!

The group was starting to come down off the mountain for the evening.  The mule my dad was riding was stubborn to say the least.  On the way down the mountain something must have happened and the mule took off on a dead run down the mountain.  My dad, weapon in one hand and holding on for dear life with the other, his hand ending up behind him bouncing down the mountain on this mule.  The terrain would level out for a bit and he could regain his position, but would bounce forward again as the mule headed down the next decline.  Finally reaching the bottom and able to get the mule to come to a stop, he was able to get off and proceeded to give that mule a swift kick in the hind end!

Stories like this one and the desire to create our own stories led my dad and I to start planning a trip to hunt out West for elk.  We finally started getting serious about our planning in January of 2010 and decided on hunting the fall of 2011.  I begin searching the internet and doing research on different areas and outfitters.  We decided to concentrate on a self-guided hunt to help keep the cost down.  I contacted various outfitters and after discussing with my dad we settled on Hill’s Guide Service out of Collbran, Colorado.


Hill’s Guide Service is an outfitter that has been in business for many years, that experience is one of the leading factors that led us to choose to hunt with them.  Before booking, we were provided with references we could call.  I talked to a couple of the references and they were very honest about the land and the outfitter.  After booking, we were provided with a list of gear that may be helpful on our hunt.  Since we booked almost a year and a half early, the outfitter kept us updated on the hunts that fall.  As the time neared for our hunt, the outfitter provided us with helpful directions, a motel recommendation since we were arriving a day early and various other tips.

Our hunt was set up for the first week of the 2011 Colorado archery elk season in Unit 421.  We arrived in Colorado the Thursday before they season opened and decided to make a stop at the Cabela’s store in Grand Junction to pick up our license and any last minute supplies.  The outfitter had a trout stream running right past his personal home and offered to let us do a little fishing so we both picked up a 1 day fishing license as well. DSC_0090 We made our way to the motel to get checked in and meet up with our outfitter in the small town of Collbran.  After getting checked into the motel, our outfitter met up with us and took us back to his home to do a little trout fishing with our fly rods!  We ended up catching two trout that we would later cook on the grill at camp!


Our outfitter met us at the motel Friday morning and we headed out to camp.  The outfitters camp is located on 200 acres of private land that connects to the Grand Mesa National Forest.  There is one larger base camp cabin and three other cabins of various sizes located throughout the property.  Being able to have the comfort of a cabin, yet be able to walk out the door and start hunting was amazing!  We would be staying in one of the three other cabins.  We got all of our gear unpacked and shot our bows to make sure everything was all set for the next morning!  Now as I mentioned before, this was set up as an unguided hunt.  However the outfitter said that he would go out with us the first morning to give us a little better knowledge of the area we would be hunting.  This was completely unexpected since we signed up and paid for an unguided hunt!  Just another example of the great service that was provided!


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By Steve Wall

How did you start the company?

I have been hunting for nearly 40 years & sat in a tree a many a day !! I have just like a lot of other hunters dropped things while in a tree stand.  We started the business in May 2014 after getting a US Patent for my invention.  The Huntin Hook is a nickel plated barbless weighted hook painted safety yellow so you can see when dropped to the ground. It’s US patented design is to topple over on your item.  It comes with 25 ft of microcord with a breaking point of 80 lbs.  Also, a carabineer to secure to stand and a lightweight polyethylene foam impervious to rot, mildew and bacteria to roll the microcord on.  It’s a small light weight hunting tool that fits in any pack!  My wife runs the company Jakes Huntin Hook LLC, our son helps in making, painting, melting the lead, packaging and shipping . We are a small family owned business and are proud to say that we are made In the USA!!

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SRB Field Rests

By Steve Wall

How did you start the company?

SRB Field Rests started in a muddy goose field in 2008. I needed a dry clean place to lay my gun besides on my old carpet and pillow. I finally found some forked branches and used them. While waiting for the geese I got to looking at the branches and thought maybe this would be a handy idea for a rest. When I got back that night I started drawing and came up with an idea for the rests. After searching for a molder to make some prototypes for 2 to 3 months I found one that would work for me. We got the molds and poured several heads then I found some PVC rods for the posts and glued them together to make the rests. These were very blocky and a little heavy. After a few shows and a trip to SHOT SHOW with a good friend, I decided there was enough interest to go to injection molding.  After about $30,000, I had a mold and some product to show. Then Packaging! I got a company that makes cardboard packaging to make a flat cardboard and had a design printed on it and had to tie the rests and sockets on that with twist ties. People kept telling me to get clamshell packaging so I went on the hunt again and had clamshells and the inserts made. That is where we are now, still working on getting them into the retail stores and to the people. We have built a great team of Pro Staff that have helped promote the rests but it is a brand new concept and people still do not realize what they can do for the average hunter. Keep yours weapons safe, clean and ready while hunting the fields, popup blinds, layout blinds, marshes, tree stands or even in the boat. I also received a patent on the rests in May of 2010.

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