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By Steve Wall

How did you start the company?

Before Bite Me Box tipups, for years we ice fished with our style of tipup and away’s caught more fish than everyone else with other style tipups. Between the heat and the super sensitive flag trip design they are the most effective tipup on the market for perch, crappie and sensitive bite walleye, yet can be adjusted to fish for big pike as well.  Everyone kept saying to us you need to get a patent on those and start selling them. About four years ago we sat down and modified our originals to make them a more marketable product, built a website and started selling. Our sales have doubled every year since.


This past year we designed our Truck Bed Stacker to resolve the big problem of truck bed organization. So many times the space in your truck bed is wasted because its a pain pilling everything up. Every other truck bed organizing system on the market today is heavy, permanently installed in your truck and needs to be replaced if you buy a different make or model truck. The Truck Bed Stacker is all aluminum, light weight, quick and easy to put in or remove from your truck for everyday changing needs and has adjustable length and height so you only have to purchase once in your lifetime.


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