By Steve Wall

As the temperatures warm and the snow melts, I am starting to think more and more about open water fishing!  I like ice fishing, but that is only a few months out of the year.  For a lot of people, summertime fishing means grabbing your lawn chair heading to your favorite spot and casting from shore.  Although if you like to fish, I am sure one time or another you have thought about buying a boat to get away from shore.  Believe me, I have and even tried to do the whole restoration thing.  Well, that didn’t exactly work out!

boat project

We didn’t get much further than ripping everything out and decided to piece it out!  We made our money back and a little more but that was about it.  Still wanting to get away from shore, I looked into other relatively inexpensive ways of doing so.  The end result was a Craigslist trade for a fishing kayak! Continue reading “Kayak Fishing”