By Steve Wall

As hunting seasons come to a close and temperatures drop into the single digits, the urge to get out ice fishing grows.  All of my gear is right where I left it at the end of last years ice fishing season.  I decided it was about time to go through my gear before my first trip on the ice this year.  There are many different brands of ice fishing gear out there.  Ill share with you some of my gear and what I like about it.


Ice Shelter– I have a Frabill Trekker II flip over ice shanty.  This is a 2-man shanty but I have fit as many as four guys in this shelter on occasion.  I have been very happy with this shanty!

Rod & Reels– I have various rods and reels.  I usually have some setup for panfish and others setup for fishing whitefish on the bay of Green Bay.

Tip-ups–  I only have a few tip-ups right now and hope to use them more in the coming season.

Heater &  Propane–  I have a Mr. Heater portable buddy heater.  These are great heaters and very easy to use.

Electric Auger– I have a Strikemaster Electra Lazer ice auger.  I bought this auger before last ice season.  I am very happy with this auger and it has performed well every time I have had it out.

Hand Auger–  I have a Strikemaster Mora hand auger.  I always carry my hand auger as a backup.  I would hate to ruin a trip if my electric auger would stop working!

Jigs– I have a couple different jig boxes.  I have a smaller fly fishing size jig box for my panfish jigs and a larger box for some of the bigger lures.  I really love using the heavier tungsten jigs for panfish.IMG_0324

Clothing–  I have a Guide Gear parka and bibs from The Sportsman’s Guide.  This set was half the price of the some of the other ice gear out there.

Flasher and Fish Camera–  I have a Vexilar FL-8 flasher and an Aqua-vu Scout fish camera.

Other Gear– Bait, minnow bucket, 5-gallon bucket, radio

Depending on the type of fish you are after or how often you go, you may have more or less gear than what I have described.  If you are just getting into ice fishing, hopefully this will give you some ideas to get started.  If you have any questions about getting started ice fishing contact me and I will be glad to help you out!

2 thoughts on “Getting on the Ice: Ice fishing checklist

  1. Ice fishing is on my bucket list. We are hovering at about 55 degrees for a week and people are already complaining about the cold.

    The flasher, it attracts fish right? We have green lights we will throw into the bay and redfish and speckled trout are attracted to it.

    You cannot submit too many ice fishing posts!

    • Andy, if you ever get a chance go for it!! This flasher doesn’t actually attract fish. It is a fish finder, it will tell you where the fish are in the water column if they are under the transducer. I will definitely post more! Thanks for reading!

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