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By Steve Wall

How did you start the company?

There are really three answers to this:

  • Corey wanted a bracelet
  • We needed to carry more paracord in our hunting packs
  • I wanted a product/accessory that fit me and wasn’t light pink.
I started SOS with $20 and the idea that I could make a better product than the ones I had seen. I’m not saying that there are not amazing products out there, but when I started, anything I could find was all with the not made in America paracord.  The ends were just cut and burned, making it look like there was room for improvement.  My husband, Corey, wanted a bracelet and I had been reluctant to want to spend $10 on one, because if he got one, then I  was sure the kids would want one too.  So I decided to buy some paracord and a few buckles and made a few bracelets for family members for that first $20.  Corey’s uncle was badly injured when falling 40′ out of a tree, while in the process of trimming limbs (not while hunting). Without going into detail, this was a major wake up call for me about being out in the woods and if something should happen.  I wanted a rifle or bow sling, etc., that could be used for many purposes should an emergency happen.  Im a small female, the majority of products that are out there for women are light pink.  I was so sick of seeing that and wanted to be able to make a custom size and color product.

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How long have you been in business?

My company name was official with the state on October 31, 2013.  My first non family member sale was on December 23, 2013.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I love the fact that I am able to provide great customer service and quality to my products. They are not mass produced overseas, everything is done by me. I love being able to offer the custom sizes and colors that are not available anywhere else! I also love working from home as I have two young kids, so I can be home when they are sick from school or can make my own schedule around swim lessons or school plays.


What are your most popular products?

  • Bow shoulder sling

Who is your target audience?

Anyone interested in the outdoors, mainly the hunting community. But it seems to be the 30-50 year old males, that I get a lot of orders from.

What is your favorite hunting or fishing memory?IMG_0816

Without going into the whole story, Corey and I were about a mile into our hike where we bow hunt elk (spot and stalk). This area we know well and the elk are usually more present in the three miles in area, but at this particular spot we typically see deer.  Trying not to spook them we are still quiet. Well we hear this crunching sound, thinking its a deer or squirrel, we hunker down in the brush, sit quietly for about a minute. Then I motion to Corey that I’m going to slowly stand and see if anything is out there. I’m half standing and this gorgeous cinnamon colored black bear walks 6 feet in front of us. I could have touched him. I’m crouched over Corey, both our pistols are in our packs and we didn’t have a bear tag as we are more focused on hunting elk. He never gave any indication he saw or smelled us, just lumbered along and about 15 feet later, you couldn’t hear a sound from him. I high fived myself I didn’t freak out in the moment, but then became a little more paranoid about how quiet they really can be.  We saw him later in the day at about 75 yards, coming back out. Needless to say, we buy bear tags and make sure we have our pistols accessible from now on, as though that was a non eventful meeting, things could have turned out very different.IMG_0258

Contact Info:  I encourage you to go check out what SOS Gear has to offer! Hope you enjoy it!

Facebook : SOS Gear MT
Twitter: @sosgearmt

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