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By Steve Wall

How did you start the company?

I came up with the idea for BoneView during a late season Wisconsin bow hunt in 2014.  It was late December, a fair amount of snow blanketed the ground and a cold wind had been blowing for a number of days.  It was clear the deer were only moving to feed, and the limited food sources on our farm near Strum WI were covered with track.  We have 3 main food sources and I had positioned a trail cam and tree stand over each food source.  As I left my truck, my mind was torn on which stand to hunt.  The prevailing west wind was great for any of the 3 stands.  The information I really wanted was on those trail cameras, but I had no way to access it in the field.  I decided to hunt the furthest of the three stands, so I could collect the SD cards from the other two cameras on my way in or out and then check the cards when I returned home later that evening.  I ended up pulling all three SD cards on my way into the stand.  I then sat for the next 3 hours wondering what was on those cards in my pocket – Had I picked the most active stand? Was the big guy we had seen before gun season still on his feet? Were any bucks moving during daylight hours?  It was then I decided there had to be a way to view SD cards on the smartphone I always carried with me.  After a few months of research and product development I had a working prototype.  I then called on a good friend, Steve, to help me get started on marketing and sales.  Steve was the leader in getting initial sales, refining the product offering and developing marketing material, packaging and web presence for the product.  Together we have brought BoneView to thousands of happy hunters all over the country.


What do your customers say about your products?

 Our customers are our best sales people.  We get phone calls and emails from people each day thanking us for a convenient, useful and value priced product.  It’s really motivating to hear that we are making a difference in the way people hunt and the gear that they carry with them.  In addition, our customers have done a great job of spreading the word on our products and the vast majority of our sales come from friend and family referrals. Hunters in general like to have the latest new products and gear and they especially like to show it off at deer camp! 

What are your most popular products and who is your target audience?

 The BoneView device for IPhone and Android are very popular. Our target audience is any hunter with a trail camera and a smartphone – plain and simple.


What do you enjoy most about what you do?

 Steve and I are both outdoorsmen at heart.  We love being able to work in an industry that we are passionate about and we love connecting with our customers who share the same passion.

What is your favorite hunting or fishing memory?

My favorite hunting memory came from our same family farm in Strum WI that I talked about earlier.  It was the second day of gun season and I was in my tower stand.  My dad was positioned in a tree stand on the opposite side of our farm, maybe 500 yards to the east of me.  There is a large ridge that runs east/west on our farm and we were each hunting opposites ends of that ridge.  At lunch, my plan was to walk the ridge all the way to my dad’s stand and then we would go back to the farmhouse together to get lunch and watch a bit of the Packer game.  I had only walked 50 yards down the ridge when I came across a blood trail in the snow.  It was obvious a deer had been shot either earlier that morning or the day before on a neighboring property and then come onto our farm.  I used my walkie-talkie (this was before cell phones) to tell my dad that I was on a blood trail and to watch for any wounded deer coming his way.  I walked about another hundred yards before hearing my dad’s gun fire.  He radioed me the words “come quick” and the excitement in his voice was overwhelming! I ran the rest of the ridge and arrived at my dads stand.  He was only 15 feet away from his stand and was kneeling next to what is still the largest deer he has ever shot, a perfect 10 point measuring 163″.  We hugged each other and spent some time re-living the hunt.  It was great to see the happiness and excitement in my old man.  The deer had been wounded by a hunter the day before in the front leg and I am glad we had the opportunity to humanely harvest it before the coyotes did.  In addition, we still give my dad a hard time about only being able to shoot big deer if they are on three legs!


Contact Info:

Facebook: Boneview
Amazon: Boneview

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Comments from Wisconsin Outdoor Pursuits:

Almost everyone these days has a smartphone in their pocket.  Have you ever headed out to the woods and pulled a card out of one of your cameras, then sat in your stand all afternoon wondering what is on the card?  Well now you can view those pictures on you phone!  I know that their are similar products out there, but I feel that the Bonview is at a really great price point.  At this point, there are not a lot of options for Apple devices so I was very excited to see that there was indeed an Apple version of the Boneview!  I will definately be picking up a Boneview for my Iphone very soon!


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