By Steve Wall

Change the way that you hunt from the ground!! The Hilljacked chair from Green Industries LLC will help you do just that.  After doing a Company Spotlight on Green Industries, LLC last year, I purchased a Hilljacked chair for myself! (Read that Company Spotlight here!) I had the opportunity to hunt with the Hilljacked chair this past spring during the turkey season as well as this past fall during the gun deer season.  The Hilljacked chair is by far the most comfortable and versatile hunting chair I have ever used.

turkey 2


On one of my turkey hunts this past spring I was hunting with my dad in the bluff country of Southwest Wisconsin.  I was using my Hilljacked chair and my dad was sitting next to me on the ground calling.  After sitting for quite some time, I could tell that my dad was getting restless.  I let him sit in the Hilljacked chair for a little while and I sat on the ground.  After sitting on the ground for a little while, I realized just how thankful I was to have the Hilljacked chair!


I was also able to use the Hilljacked chair on the opening weekend of the gun deer season here in Wisconsin.  The night before opening day we got pounded with almost 10 inches of snow.  We were hunting from the ground and I was again thankful that I brought my Hilljacked chair.  I was able to adjust the chair to the fairly steep hillside so that I could sit level.  I didn’t have to worry about getting wet and cold from sitting in the snow and I didn’t have to worry about sliding down the hillside.  I was able to sit comfortably all day without having to move because I had the Hilljacked chair.

Whether you hunt flat ground or steep hillsides, the Hilljacked chair will adapt to your needs.  The angle of the chair can be adjusted easily by removing a pin, adjusting the angle of the frame and replacing the pin.  The chair has an adjustable strap for transporting the chair to and from your hunting area.  I do not have an additional pad or back for my chair but these options are available!

run n gun

The Hilljacked chair isn’t just for hunting either.  It can be also be used for fishing along steep banks for a level place to sit!  Green Industries, LLC also just announced the addition of the Hilljacked 2.0 Run-N-Gun.  This looks like a little smaller and more mobile version of the original Hilljacked chair. If you are looking to change the way you hunt from the ground, look no further than the Hilljacked chair from Green Industries, LLC!!!


Get your Hilljacked chair at www.hilljacked.com

Rifle sling with sweatshirt

By: Steve Wall

You may remember SOS Gear from the first Company Spotlight I did (You can check out that Company Spotlight here!)  Since then I have bought a few different products and I wanted to give you my thoughts on each of them.    So far I have purchased a bow wrist sling, rifle sling and a belt.  I have also won a binocular/ camera lanyard through an online giveaway.

bow wrist sling

The first item that I purchased from SOS Gear was the bow wrist sling.  There are many different style options available to accommodate your preference on look and feel.  I decided to go with the “Dragon Claw” style.   My first impression when I opened the box!? Wow!! The quality of the craftsmanship was exceptional.  I have no worries about the wrist sling ever coming loose unless I want it to! Which leads me into my next point.  It is a great feeling to know that I have a product that could also help in the case of an emergency!



The second SOS Gear item that I used was the binocular / camera lanyard.  This was an item I won through a social media giveaway.  I replaced my Nikon strap on my DSLR camera with the SOS Gear lanyard and absolutely love it.  I get numerous comments about how great it looks when I am out in public with it.  The lanyard is comfortable to wear around the neck and the length is perfect!


Having been impressed with the quality of my other SOS Gear products and being in the market for a new rifle sling, I decided to order one from SOS Gear.  I was not disappointed!  The rifle sling comes with the swivels attached.  The rifle sling can be ordered to the length that you desire!  One of the greatest benefits I noticed was that the sling doesn’t slide down your shoulder like many other slings do.  I was able to comfortably carry my rifle this past season without any worries of it sliding around on my shoulder!


The last product I ordered from SOS Gear is a product that I use on a daily basis! A belt!  I have been wearing the belt daily now for a few months and absolutely love it!  The quality is exceptional as with every other product that I have ordered from SOS Gear!  Granted it has only been a few months, but the belt looks brand new even with daily use!  The only suggestion I would give you with ordering a belt is to measure a current one to make sure you order the proper length.  I ordered mine without double checking the length of my previous belt.  The belt is still long enough but doesn’t quite have the tail length I was thinking.  Please note that this is no fault of SOS Gear, this is my own laziness of not double checking the size. I guess I could stand to lose a few pounds anyway!! If you are in the market for a new belt, I would highly suggest checking out a paracord belt from SOS Gear.  A great looking belt with superior durability and exceptional functionality!

If you are looking for great quality paracord products from a company with a superior customer service, look no further than SOS Gear.  You will not be disappointed! Something I have not touched on yet but is another great reason to order from SOS Gear, color options! SOS Gear has a wide range of colors to choose from and always seems to be adding more!  This allows you to customize your order to match colors of other products on your weapon!

Check out all of the great SOS Gear products at SOSGEARMT.COM

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