I am blown away right now! I was scrolling through my social media feeds the other night and came across one of my favorite blogs (HuntFiber ) and saw that she received an award for her blog!  The first thoughts through my head were how cool this was for her and what an honor it would be to win an award for my blog.  As I read through the HuntFiber  post about the Versatile Blogger Award, I reached the bottom of the post where she nominated 5 blogs for the award.  To see Wisconsin Outdoor Pursuits listed as one of these blogs sent chills down my spine. I can’t thank her enough!  I started Wisconsin Outdoor Pursuits hoping to gain a following here in my home state of Wisconsin as I share my passion for the outdoors. To know that my blog is on the minds of readers far beyond the state lines of Wisconsin is so exciting to me!  I am going to use this award to fuel my motivation for creating more and even better content for you the readers!  One new feature I would love to share with you is a video blog series that I will be putting together with my friends at Kinetic Archery and Arms! There are a number of blogs like HuntFiber that I look forward to every new post! I have listed 5 of these blogs below as my nominations for the Versatile Blogger Award.  Here are the rules of the Versatile Blogger Award :

  • Thank the person that has nominated you
  • Include a link to their blog
  • Nominate at least 5 blogs of your choice
  • Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination
  • Share seven different facts about yourself


7 Facts about me!

  • My first buck had a droptine!
  • I grew up along the Mississippi River.
  • I would much rather hunt with archery equipment than a rifle!
  • I wore a snow camo tie and the groomsmen had camo vests in my wedding.
  • I love camping with my family.
  • My favorite sport (besides hunting!) is baseball.
  • I plan on taking the trapper education course and start trapping!


My Nominations:

  1. Our Time Outdoors
  2. The Hunt Blog
  3. Backcountry Dreaming
  4. Camo Candace
  5. The Modern Predator

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By Steve Wall

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Chasing my Dream

Pursuing my Dream Part 1

As I said in Pursing my Dream Part 1, I plan on using this series to keep you updated on changes as I pursue my dream of working in the outdoor industry.  Back in February I made a very big step in that pursuit by accepting a position with a large sporting goods retailer.  This was an overnight position in the back-end receiving area.  This position allowed me to handle and numerous hunting a fishing products that I love to use myself.  I loved every minute!

As of 5 o’clock this morning, I have left this position to pursue a position that will be a better fit for me and my family at this time.  I have accepted a position (not within the outdoor industry)  that will allow me to work a similar schedule as my wife and will be much better suited for our young family!  This position will allow me to spend valuable time in the evening and on the weekends with my family without feeling tired from very little sleep.  I am willing to admit that this was not working for my family and a change was needed. Even though I am making this change, I do not regret my decision to leave my previous job and take an overnight job.  This was a decision I felt was the right one to make at the time and I still believe this.  Although it was a physical labor job, it provided my with many invaluable experiences that will help me throughout my career! This change does not at all affect my passion for the outdoors, if anything it is making it stronger!

Don’t worry, Wisconsin Outdoor Pursuits is not going anywhere!!! I would first like to thank each and every one of you who has followed me though this amazing experience.  Wisconsin Outdoor Pursuits is growing and reaching places far beyond my home state of Wisconsin.  I truly enjoy interacting with everyone though various social media channels and by email.  I will provide links to these at the bottom of this post!  I am hoping that this career change will also allow for more time to provide you with even more great content.  I am starting to expand into using more videos in the blogs and will hopefully be able to bring you a couple of archery hunts on video this fall!  This expansion into the video world has allowed me to build upon my video editing knowledge!  I hope to continue building upon this knowledge as I put together videos both for myself and others!

Starting Wisconsin Outdoor Pursuits has allowed me to meet and connect with some great people and companies in the outdoor industry!  Many of these connections have turned into great personal relationships.  These connections have allowed me to share with you some great companies through the Company Spotlight segment.  This has been a very popular segment and more Spotlights are coming soon!  Being able to share my passion for the outdoors and the passion of others gives me great satisfaction! 

I also would like your feedback on what you would like to see on the Wisconsin Outdoor Pursuits page.  I want you to be a part of this growth!  Would you like to see guest posts? Select advertising/sponsors? T-shirts/ hats/ decals? Send me your feedback through any of the social media channels below!

Thank you again for following along on this amazing journey and stay tuned for many great things to come!

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Email: steve@wioutdoorpursuits.com


By Steve Wall

As most of you know I started this blog to begin my journey of working in the outdoor industry.  Here is my very first post that may give you a little more background: Chasing my Dream.  This blog was just my first step in my pursuit of working in the outdoor industry full-time.  Over the last few months I have taken time to think about what is really important to me.  I came to a realization that I have more than just a love for the outdoors.  I have a deep passion for the outdoors and realized I will not be completely happy if I don’t act upon this passion.

I am beyond excited to announce that I have accepted a full-time position at a local sporting goods store.  This position allows me to work in an industry that I am passionate about and share that passion in the work I do!  This is a very big change for me and my family.  I am leaving a well-paying position with a great company that has given me invaluable experiences.  I know that these experiences will only help me as I advance in my career.  My wife and family have been very supportive of my dreams and decision to pursue a career in the outdoor industry.   There will be many challenges ahead, especially as we deal with a reduction in our income. However, we feel that we can work through these challenges and that we will come out a stronger family!family Continue reading “Pursuing my Dream Part 1”


By Steve Wall

Today on my 30th birthday I have decided, with the support of my family, to begin pursuing my dream of working in the outdoor industry.  I know that it is going to be a long road with many challenges.  I have decided that the best way to start this journey of pursuing my dream is with a blog, sharing my passion for the outdoors with others.

I have been hunting and fishing for as long as I can remember.  Some of the my best memories as a child were from hunting and fishing adventures with my dad.  Growing up along the Mississippi River in Southwest Wisconsin, I was blessed with some of the best hunting and fishing opportunities one could imagine.  From fishing for catfish or bluegills to sitting with my dad before I could even carry a weapon, I hope to share these stories and many more with you.

My true passion is archery hunting for whitetail deer but I enjoy anything and everything outdoors.  I will share with you many stories and experiences including: kayak fishing, ice fishing, fly fishing, turkey hunting, small game hunting, deer hunting, bear hunting, elk hunting and many more.  I will share with you my experiences and the lessons I have learned from these adventures.  As my wife and I raise our two beautiful children in Green Bay, Wisconsin, I hope to share our adventures with you as well.

I hope that you will follow along with me on this journey through the outdoor world as I pursue my dream.  I hope to post weekly blogs and more if time permits with a family and full-time job.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to email me: steve@wioutdoorpursuits.com

share your passion, Pursue your dreams