TAATata 2015

By Steve Wall

Sorry for the little bit of a delay in getting this post up.  I have been a little under the weather! Hope you enjoy!

Last week the outdoor industry converged on Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana for the Archery Trade Association (ATA) trade show.  This is the mecca of all trade shows for anyone in the archery and outdoor industry.  Companies bring in their new products to show off to buyers and celebrities in the outdoor industry.  One of the unique things about this trade show is that it is closed to the public.  You must be involved in the archery or outdoor industry in order to attend.  The only other way to attend is with a press pass.  With my blog still in its infancy, I was not in a position to attend this year.  I am making it a goal to attend the ATA show in 2016.  Even though I was not able to attend, I did follow the show very closely through various social media sites. Here are a few of the avenues I was able to gather information throughout and after the show.

Carrie Zylka – Carrie did a number of short interviews with different vendors at the show.  A great way to learn more about various products!  If you haven’t listened to any of Carrie’s podcasts you are missing out, go check them out now!Play-The-Podcast-1024x1024   Wired to Hunt- Mark Kenyon has a great podcast, blog and even some videos related to hunting, especially whitetail deer.  Check out his website at wiredtohunt.com, you will not be disappointed!

Bowhunting.com–  Another great site to find out all kinds of information about new products at the ATA show.

Archery Talk– Another site for bow hunters to check out and find more information about new products.

Here are some of the products that peaked my interest at the 2015 ATA show:

Trophy Ridge React Trio Bow Sight Trophy Ridge React Trio The Trophy Ridge React Trio sight is a 3 pin sight.  You can have fixed pins at 20 and 30 yards and the 3rd pin will cover from 40 yards out to 120 yards.  More information about the sight can be found my clicking on the picture above!


Lone Wolf AT- Stick Quiver  Lone Wolf Stick Carrier If you own a Lone Wolf portable treestand this carrier looks like it would make transporting more convenient.  This would definitely help when trying to pack up quickly after your hunt.

Tactacam HD Video camera tactacam 3 This is a very uniquely designed video camera that can help you capture your hunt.  Check out some of their awesome videos and find other information at tactacam.com

Hopefully some of these items will start getting you excited about next hunting season!  Maybe you still have a little bit of Christmas money left over or a tax refund coming soon!  What is the one item you are looking to add to your pack for next year?

2 thoughts on “ATA 2015 from the Outside

  1. Our Time Outdoors says:

    Great info! I’ll have to check out that video camera. I’ve been thinking about capturing my hunts on film but wasn’t sure what was best to use!

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