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By: Steve Wall

How did you start your outfitting business?

I bought Buffalo County Outfitters back in June of 2014 from good friend Scott Kirkpatrick.  I had been hunting with Scott at BCO for four years and had said if the opportunity ever came up that I would be interested in buying and running BCO.  The opportunity came up so I ended up buying BCO and now am doing what I love and have such a passion for, for a living.

Where do you guide and for what species?

I guide in famous Buffalo County in Wisconsin. Buffalo County Outfitters does guided hunts for trophy whitetails and spring turkeys.


What is the availability / cost of a license?

Fortunately Wisconsin tags are over the counter for whitetails so availability is always there for both resident and non-resident to get a tag every year if they want.  Cost of a non-resident whitetail tag is approximately $160 and a resident whitetail tag is $24.00.  If you are a first time hunter in Wisconsin, your out-of-state tag is half price the first year. 

What does the trip all include?

My hunts at Buffalo County Outfitters are all-inclusive.  The hunt includes lodging, showers and towels, all food, transportation to and from stands, and five days of hunting.  The hunt is five days and runs Monday through Friday.  Hunters arrive on Sunday before the hunt and leave Saturday morning after the hunt.



What type of gear / clothing do you recommend bringing?

I always tell hunters to just bring their regular hunting clothing that they personally have.  We specialize in bowhunts and the weather usually isn’t to cold yet but I always tell guys to have enough clothes along in late October and the early November hunts in case we get a cold spell.  I highly recommend that hunters have a good pair of binoculars and a good range finder to make sure to bring along.  All my hunters have to have a TMA certified safety harness to be able to hunt from tree stands, so that is an absolute must to have along. 

Gear List

What do your clients say about you?

I take pride in what I do and take my job as an outfitter very serious.  I know every client will not shoot a buck but I try as hard as I can for every client to have a good hunt.  I’ve been told my many clients that they see my passion and desire for guys to get a deer and get many compliments about that.  I get compliments from many hunters about my honesty when talking to them before they book.  In general, I get a lot of compliments from hunters about the hard work I do before, during, and after the season and especially while they are here.



What do you enjoy most about outfitting?

Couple answers to that.  Obviously as an outfitter, I enjoy it when I have a successful hunter.  I can’t wait to get the call or text from a client telling me they just shot a buck.  Every time I get that call or text it feels like I shot the deer myself I’m so excited.  I love watching and sharing the excitement in a successful hunters hunt.   I love the challenge that deer give us, which leads to the scouting and running cameras which I love!  But in general……I love all the people I meet and get to share camp with and see year after year.  I look forward to seeing new and old friends each fall and doing everything I can to get them on big deer.

What is your favorite hunting / fishing memory?

My personal favorite memory is the first buck that I shot when I was 15.  It was a nine pointer with a 18.5 inch spread and weighed 190 pounds.  That deer hooked me on big bucks right from the get go.  As an outfitter, my favorite memory would probably have to be the very first buck that one of my clients shot my first year with the business.  He shot it the very first night of season.  I was shaking and more excited with that deer than with any of the deer I’ve shot.  It was a 144 inch buck.  It wasn’t the biggest buck we got that year but it was the first one we got when I was the owner of the business and was very rewarding for both the hunter and myself.  Having two hunting seasons under my belt as an outfitter now, I’ve gained so many more memories.  It’s been awesome to say the least. 


Contact Info:

Website:  http://www.buffalocountyoutfitters.com/
Facebook:  Buffalo County Outfitters




Advanced Treestands 

By Steve Wall

How did you start the company?

 I started Advanced “Take-Down” Treestands to combine my passion for bowhunting and the lessons learned from working in engineering and product management roles for Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control over the last 15 years.  It all started when my wife went with me to hang treestands ten years ago, and when I got done she said, “I never knew how dangerous it was for you to be hanging stands.”  The next day she went and ordered me a Hunter Safety System Harness, and I started working on developing a revolutionary system for hanging treestands. That’s how it all began. 

What do your customers say about your products?

Once our customers experience the simplicity of hanging our rock solid treestands, they love them.  We’ve heard things like, “I no longer dread hanging or taking down stands thanks to the “Take-Down” technology”,   “I’ve never felt safer in a lockon treestands”, and “ I’ll never use cheap hang on stands again, my family is counting on me to return at the end of the day.” 


What are your most popular products and who is your target audience?

Our Take-Down i2 and s2 are our most popular.  Now that we have bowhunters from all over the US using our products, they love the idea of purchasing additional stems instead of a complete treestand.  They set multiple stems across their property and then use the same seat and platform at each location.  This deters theft and also keeps your buddies from hunting your spot while you’re at work all week!


Our target customer is the hardcore bowhunter who wants the best gear on the market to help maximize their time in the field.  As fellow bowhunters, we understand that your entire season may come down to one opportunity and you need gear that performs.   Furthermore, our families are counting on us to return from the field. When safety in the field is the priority, we have more and more customers looking to Advanced “Take-Down” Treestands.  


What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I love being able to take my professional background in mechanical engineering and project management and apply that to a company and product line that contributes to an industry I am passionate about.  Knowing that we have been blessed to take an idea from paper to the marketplace is truly a dream come true.  God has placed some amazing people in my life to keep this journey moving forward, and we are excited to see what the future holds for Advanced “Take-Down” Treestands. 

What is your favorite hunting or fishing memory?

I was blessed to be raised in a family who planned Thanksgiving dinner around when the guys would be in from hunting and a father who took me fishing every time he went to the lake.  Now that I too have children, it’s amazing to see them share in the same hunting heritage that I grew up experiencing.  My son just turned six in March so he’s been looking forward to the Arkansas youth season for spring turkey.  Even though he missed his first turkey, it was an experience that I will never forget.  It definitely ranks up there with one of the finest memories I’ve shared in the outdoors. 



Contact Info:

Website:   www.advancedtreestands.com
Facebook: Advanced “Take-Down” Treestands
Twitter: @advancedstands
Instagram: @advancedtakedowntreestands
YouTube: Advanced Treestands


Comments from Wisconsin Outdoor Pursuits:

Ryan Wheelington, president and founder of Advanced “Take-Down” Treestands has been able to combine his professional knowledge / experience with his passion for hunting!  After reading over Ryan’s answers to the Spotlight questions, I couldn’t help but notice how closely this aligns with the motto here at Wisconsin Outdoor Pursuits. “Share Your Passion, Pursue Your Dreams”  This is exactly what Ryan has been able to do with the Advanced “Take-Down” Treestands!  With two young children myself, I also admire Ryan’s desire to share his love for the outdoors with his children!


This is a segment to showcase and share a little more information about some great companies!  If you know of a company that would be a great fit for this segment please email me at: steve@wioutdoorpursuits.com.  I hope you enjoy learning more about these great companies!



I am blown away right now! I was scrolling through my social media feeds the other night and came across one of my favorite blogs (HuntFiber ) and saw that she received an award for her blog!  The first thoughts through my head were how cool this was for her and what an honor it would be to win an award for my blog.  As I read through the HuntFiber  post about the Versatile Blogger Award, I reached the bottom of the post where she nominated 5 blogs for the award.  To see Wisconsin Outdoor Pursuits listed as one of these blogs sent chills down my spine. I can’t thank her enough!  I started Wisconsin Outdoor Pursuits hoping to gain a following here in my home state of Wisconsin as I share my passion for the outdoors. To know that my blog is on the minds of readers far beyond the state lines of Wisconsin is so exciting to me!  I am going to use this award to fuel my motivation for creating more and even better content for you the readers!  One new feature I would love to share with you is a video blog series that I will be putting together with my friends at Kinetic Archery and Arms! There are a number of blogs like HuntFiber that I look forward to every new post! I have listed 5 of these blogs below as my nominations for the Versatile Blogger Award.  Here are the rules of the Versatile Blogger Award :

  • Thank the person that has nominated you
  • Include a link to their blog
  • Nominate at least 5 blogs of your choice
  • Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination
  • Share seven different facts about yourself


7 Facts about me!

  • My first buck had a droptine!
  • I grew up along the Mississippi River.
  • I would much rather hunt with archery equipment than a rifle!
  • I wore a snow camo tie and the groomsmen had camo vests in my wedding.
  • I love camping with my family.
  • My favorite sport (besides hunting!) is baseball.
  • I plan on taking the trapper education course and start trapping!


My Nominations:

  1. Our Time Outdoors
  2. The Hunt Blog
  3. Backcountry Dreaming
  4. Camo Candace
  5. The Modern Predator