By Steve Wall

Let me introduce you to the world of canning wild game! Are you looking for a new way to process your wild game?  Are you ever in search of a quick easy meal that can be put together in 5 minutes?   While I was growing up, my dad would process his own deer as I am sure many of you do as well.  During this time he introduced me to canned deer meat.  Once the process is finished, canned meat can be a very quick and tasty meal.  I will walk you though the steps to canning wild game and have also put together a video of the process.


 Canning wild game

  1. directions for Canning wild game

  2. Cut up meat into approximately 1″ cubed size pieces.
  3. Wash jars.
  4. Place new lids into saucepan with water and simmer.
  5. Fill jars with meat, making sure to remove as many air pockets as possible (with spatula or knife).
  6. Add 1/4 of a sliced onion and 1/2 of a beef bouillon cube. (No need to add liquid)Filling jars 
  7. Continue filling jars until you have enough for 1 batch or until meat is gone. (Canner does not need to be at full capacity)
  8. Add 2 quarts of water to pressure canner.
  9. Wipe off jar rims with towel.
  10. Remove lids from water, place on jars and screw on cap.
  11. Place jars in pressure canner. (It is ok if they are touching)
  12. Place lid on pressure canner and turn heat on high.
  13. Watch for steam to come out of center vent tube. ( Allow it to steam for a few minutes)
  14. Place 15 psi pressure control on top of vent tube. Pressure control
  15. Watch for red pressure indicator to go up and pressure control to jiggle vigorously.
  16. Reduce Heat so that pressure control jiggles gently. (Adjust heat as needed throughout process)
  17. Once pressure is controlled, start time for 1 hour.
  18. Turn off heat and watch for red pressure indicator to go down. (Do not try to speed up the process, let it cool down on its own.
  19. Remove lid.  Remove jars from canner and place on towel.
  20. A popping sound will indicate a proper seal.
  21. After cooling, press top of each lid to check that they are all sealed. (If you any of the jars did not seal they are ok to eat, but need to be used right away.)

removing jars

A couple of recipe ideas:

  • Heat and mix in your favorite BBQ sauce and have on sandwiches.
  • Head and mix with cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soup.  Have over noodles, bread or mashed potatoes.
  • Mix with taco seasoning for shredded wild game tacos.

If you have had canned venison any other ways let me know and I will add them here!

Here is a copy of the instructions (Click on instructions to open in separate window to print or click link below to download.)

By Steve Wall


Do you have a smartphone?  Are you using your smartphone to improve your odds of harvesting an animal?  That’s right, that phone that we all carry might just help you harvest your next animal.  I will share with you some of the hunting apps that I have installed on my smartphone and how I use them.


scoutlook cone

ScoutLook Weather DeerLog

If you were only going to install 1 of the hunting apps that I share with you, make sure it is this one.  ScoutLook Weather DeerLog is by far the most important hunting app that I have installed on my phone.  This app has so many great features!  ScoutLook DeerLog app will allow you to check weather and moon information based on your stand location.  You can also log deer activity based on your stand location and weather data for that exact time will be saved automatically!  One of the best features though is the ScentCone.  The ScentCone feature shows the current wind direction and the wind direction for the next 36 hours!  I don’t step foot in the woods without first checking the ScoutLook app!

scoutlook log

 Pocket Ranger


The Pocket Ranger fish and wildlife app is a very useful tool for finding state wildlife agency information.  You will have to see if this app is available for your state.  I find this app very useful for looking up questions I may have on any regulations.  This app can also be used to find public hunting areas and also look up the cost of a permit.  The app also has GPS features built in!  One of the most useful tools in this app for me is the sunrise/sunset calculator!  If you have your phone’s GPS enabled, the app will tell you the legal shooting hours for your exact location!



Have you ever wondered who owned the land across the fence? Do you want to find private lands available for public hunting and recreation?  OnXmaps will allow you to do all of that.  If you hunt public land there is always a chance the deer you shoot may cross onto private land.  This app is very useful for finding landowner names so you can possibly contact them to gain permission to find your animal.  This also shows land that may have possible public access.  In Wisconsin, these lands are mostly managed forest lands and managed crop lands.  These are programs that offer the owner a cheaper tax rate for allowing public access to their property.




The Earthmate app by Delorme is a great GPS app.  It has a built in compass and allows you to mark waypoint and create routes.  I have an Earthmate PN40 handheld GPS from Delorme and I am able to import my waypoints from my GPS to my phone or vise versa!  Delorme has always been a leader in the mapping industry and I have always found their products very helpful and easy to use!


Facebook and Twitter

I know what your thinking, Facebook and Twitter are not hunting apps!  I would have to disagree!  Facebook and Twitter are great tools to use to find out real-time deer information.  On almost any hunting page people are talking about what deer they are seeing and when.  This information can be especially useful in timing your best hunting days during the rut.  Of course not all areas are going to be exactly the same, but it can give you pretty good idea when deer activity is increasing!  So “LIKE” as many hunting pages as you can and “Follow” as many hunting related people that you can!