By Steve Wall

Another hunting season is in the books.  It seems like through the season my “hunting room” and truck seems to pile up and get rather messy.  The offseason is a great time to tidy up that “hunting room” and start making a checklist of what you might need for next year.  I know I usually accumulate things in my pockets and this gives me a chance to clean them out and start fresh!

hunting roomI know, it looks bad!  When my “hunting room” gets this bad I usually start with just making a path to get into the room.  Next, I’ll grab a trash can and start throwing away anything that is garbage.  I usually have extra totes and will start throwing miscellaneous hunting gear into the tote to sort out later.  Once you have room to work then you can start going through the gear.  Rubbermaid totes of various sizes are great for organizing gear.  Continue reading “Offseason: Organizing your gear”


sos gear

By Steve Wall

How did you start the company?

There are really three answers to this:

  • Corey wanted a bracelet
  • We needed to carry more paracord in our hunting packs
  • I wanted a product/accessory that fit me and wasn’t light pink.
I started SOS with $20 and the idea that I could make a better product than the ones I had seen. I’m not saying that there are not amazing products out there, but when I started, anything I could find was all with the not made in America paracord.  The ends were just cut and burned, making it look like there was room for improvement.  My husband, Corey, wanted a bracelet and I had been reluctant to want to spend $10 on one, because if he got one, then I  was sure the kids would want one too.  So I decided to buy some paracord and a few buckles and made a few bracelets for family members for that first $20.  Corey’s uncle was badly injured when falling 40′ out of a tree, while in the process of trimming limbs (not while hunting). Without going into detail, this was a major wake up call for me about being out in the woods and if something should happen.  I wanted a rifle or bow sling, etc., that could be used for many purposes should an emergency happen.  Im a small female, the majority of products that are out there for women are light pink.  I was so sick of seeing that and wanted to be able to make a custom size and color product.

photo 2 ar

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By Steve Wall

As most of you know I started this blog to begin my journey of working in the outdoor industry.  Here is my very first post that may give you a little more background: Chasing my Dream.  This blog was just my first step in my pursuit of working in the outdoor industry full-time.  Over the last few months I have taken time to think about what is really important to me.  I came to a realization that I have more than just a love for the outdoors.  I have a deep passion for the outdoors and realized I will not be completely happy if I don’t act upon this passion.

I am beyond excited to announce that I have accepted a full-time position at a local sporting goods store.  This position allows me to work in an industry that I am passionate about and share that passion in the work I do!  This is a very big change for me and my family.  I am leaving a well-paying position with a great company that has given me invaluable experiences.  I know that these experiences will only help me as I advance in my career.  My wife and family have been very supportive of my dreams and decision to pursue a career in the outdoor industry.   There will be many challenges ahead, especially as we deal with a reduction in our income. However, we feel that we can work through these challenges and that we will come out a stronger family!family Continue reading “Pursuing my Dream Part 1”